Curious Curium – An Alternative Quilt & Journal

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Last year I made a quilt using alternative materials for an exhibition called Radical Elements. Each artist in the show selected an element from the periodic table and was asked to create a quilt to the same size dimensions and without relying on traditional fabric and thread. We were also asked to make a journal incorporating work samples. Since I used my …

Giant Girl in the City by Pam RuBert

Metamorphosis Show at the Creamery

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Suddenly I thought of what I could enter in this show. I made this small 12″ x 20″ quilt last summer for a Squidfoo show. It’s stretched on a gallery wrapped canvas and called “Giant Girl in the City.” Our SRAC Visual Arts committee thought up the theme for the show because the Creamery will be undergoing sort of a …


Quilt National ’13 at Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio

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A selection of quilts from Quilt National ’13 is showing at the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, from January 30 through April 13, 2014 — including my quilt, Seattle: Wish You Were Here. For her January 31 gallery talk at Riffe Gallery, the director of Quilt National Kathleen Dawson, asked participating artists about their process. Here is what I sent her …


Making Shoes

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I’ve been so busy during the days this week that I haven’t been able to work in my studio. So tonight I drew some shoes and brought them home to finish. After a yummy vegan Moroccan dinner with chick peas, tomatoes, spinach and couscous, I finished these shoes.  

kitchen quilt detail

Kitchen Stitching Quilt

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I’ve often though about doing more abstract work or big simple shapes because I love to stitch with loopy patterns. It’s not that big, but here’s a simple shapes quilt that I delivered to a friend this week using this stitch in the background. The simple shapes came from quick pen drawings that I later refined to use in the …


Occupied with Octopi, part two

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Or perhaps I should have said, Preoccupied with Octopi. This is the second of two blog posts about making a big quilt featuring PaMdora and an octopus. The first one is Occupied by Octopi, part one. Part Two While I’m working on a drawing of my idea, I am also going through my collection of fabric developing a palette. Sometimes …

occupied with octopi

Occupied with Octopi, part one

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On a street corner outside a noisy concert, a friend pulled out her phone to make a call. I was shocked to see the front of her phone was shattered, yet she was still using it. When I asked, she started screaming at me. “It’s just so easy to use this one. I have a brand new iPhone 4 at …

"St. Louis - Wish You Were Hair" contemporary art quilt by Pam RuBert

Fiberart International opening on April 30th

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Fiberart International 2010 opens at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY this Friday, and I’m sorry I won’t be there. Well, I will, sort of — by phone. Last month the Curator of Education for the gallery, Marlene Hamann-Whitmore sent a request to all the participating artists to call into a system that records a short message. During the …


Old Irons, New Fires

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Had to get the antique irons out for this one. Some patterns that I draw are either so big, or the dimensions are such that the drawing is always slipping off my work table. So I found that these old irons are perfect for weighing down the edges — and they have nice handles to move them around as needed. …