Night Snow Ball with Mochi

January 31, 2010Blog, Mochi, Videos 2 Comments

A short video of Mochi playing with a basketball in the snow outside the studio tonight. I don’t know who is more exhausted after running around in the snow — me or Mochi. We both drank a lot of water after getting back inside:) In case you can’t tell, she’s trying to pop the basketball. … Read More

Sitting in the back

January 29, 2010Blog, Drawings, Sketchbooks 9 Comments

When I go to videotape an event, I usually sit on the back row or in an aisle seat so I can easily get up and down as needed. The other day at the Creamery Arts Center, I sat in the back, only to be delighted to have the opportunity to draw some wonderful hairstyles … Read More

Three Kokeshi

January 25, 2010Art, Blog, Drawings 5 Comments

There’s not really much more to read here…. I just upgraded WordPress on the blog and was trying out this new theme. I like the hand-drawn look, but will have to play around with how it works. More on my new travel watercolor set tomorrow!

Magic Mouse and not the Disney Kind

January 10, 2010Blog, Tech 3 Comments

A really cool gift this year just arrived late this weekend. A Magic Mouse — in its own specially formed clear plastic case. I don’t know why it instantly reminded me of Cinderella’s clear glass slipper and at the same time, Sleeping Beauty in a perfect clear casket. Too much coffee maybe? But wait! Wasn’t … Read More

The Real Fireworks

January 10, 2010Blog, Blogging, Holidays 3 Comments

Here’s what we did on New Year’s Eve. I’d been drawing fireworks in the sky, and that was fun, but it was all part of a plot to pysch myself up to go stand outside in 5 degree weather at midnight. I’m kind of a wimp about these things, so it took some mental prep … Read More

Merry White Christmas!

December 25, 2009Blog, Drawings, Holidays, Sketchbooks 4 Comments

I’ve been drawing stuff in the sky this week and looking at photos of space, astronauts, and the Hubble…. animations of fireworks…. Today we woke to a gift from the sky – snow! This the first White Christmas I can remember in a long time. Mochi and I went on a very early morning walk. … Read More