Yarnbombing for St. Patrick’s Day


ideaxfactory-yarnbomb-installationIf you’ve been to my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts recently, you’ve probably see lots of yarn bombing photos.

We started a yarn bomb group at the ideaXfactory last fall and since, we meet every week, have been getting lots of projects done.

When we found out the St. Patrick’s Day parade is scheduling to go right by the ideaXfactory, we decided to decorate.

You can see from the installation photo, that the building is sadly in need of some new paint, and we don’t have a sign yet. So I decided to knit one.

For the other sides of the column, we recycled another project we created for the Art Museum yarn bomb last January (here’s the stop-motion video), but it was a little too small. Yesterday afternoon was a great time to sit outside in the 80-degree weather, and crochet up a few odd pieces to fill in.

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Sweater for a Ginko Tree and more Yarn Experiments

The little ginko tree outside the ideaXfactory started looking a little sad after it lost its leaves as the weather got colder, so we’ve been adding a few things. Like a tree sweater. Actually it sort of start as a turtle neck I knitted, (heh) and then I’ve been slowing adding arms.


My friend Penny made all sorts of creative little pompom creatures and plants that are attached in the top branches.

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Yarn Bombing meetings at the ideaXfactory

For those who haven’t heard, yarn bombing is about personalizing and colorizing ugly urban public places. It’s non-permanent graffiti knitting and crocheting, and there are active groups in cities around the world, each with their own projects and agendas.

My friend Penny first told me about it and suggested we start a group. What a perfect project for someone who wants to polka-dot and stripe the world!

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Giving Handmade

This past year I did pretty well on my goal to give handmade things for Christmas. I’ve sort of lost count but think I knitted about 10 hats, three scarves and a couple of cowls. And of course there were a few hats I knitted more than once or twice because I had to unravel them to correct mistakes.

I started out having trouble with gauge and making the hats way too big or too small and also have made a good selection of things that I wouldn’t been seen leaving the house wearing.

But after lots of re-knitting, came up with enough things that were passable as gifts. And it was a whole lot nicer to sit home thinking about people I care about as I knitted, rather than stressing and rushing around in December trying to shop for the perfect gift.

It was also great to receive a handmade gift — my friend Mary gave me this beautiful eye pillow made from scraps from her old vintage Hawaiian blouse.

and Carla sent me the best handmade thank you collage book.

Here’s to a great start for a handmade year in 2012. Happy New Year everyone!

Needles and Yarns

Last November the First Friday Art Walk was cold and we were planning on documenting the outdoor Nest-rolling Parade, so I bought a hand-knit cap at Good Girl Art Gallery. I like wearing it so much, it’s inspired me to start knitting again.

I have lots of yarn sitting around from past undone projects, and also inherited bags of knitting equipment and supplies from my grandmother. So part of the adventure is remembering how to use all this stuff. I had planned on making some hand-made presents this year for Christmas, but Russ is laughing at all the sort of semi-starts that are strewn around in house in little baskets.

It is fun to experiment, try out all the different colors and textures, so I do keep jumping from one thing to another. Guess that’s just inevitable with my patchwork personality.

Some fun yarns I bought recently at A New Yarn are a luscious variegated turquoise Madelinetosh merino wool, and I’m also liking their Plymouth Yarn baby alpacas.

I’ve also been trying to sort out all the needles that have lost their mates and recently bought a set of birch needles that are very nice. But my favorites will always be these colored plastic needles that I found a long time ago in a vintage store in Australia. I love the way they feel and sound, so I’ve been looking for more. I guess they are British because the only ones I see on Ebay are from the UK, and they have this weird size numbering system that I don’t understand.

The funny thing is that with all this exotic stuff to pick from, my favorite so far is BambooSpun natural bamboo yarn that I found at Hobby Lobby. It’s so light, elastic, and soft. Sometimes simple is good.

I’m planning on making several short ribbed scarves with a buttonhole opening to pass the tail through, because both guys and girls seem to like the short simple style. But maybe I’ll take it up notch with a big chunky button for the girls’ version.


p.s. For a great idea of something to do with your odd bits of yarn, check out Emmie’s blog about making Yoga Socks in this post called Scraps of Yarn.

p.p.s. Here’s the knitting needle size conversion chart that Emmie told me about. Pretty handy — especially when look at vintage needles on Ebay!