Yarnbombing for St. Patrick’s Day

March 16, 2013Craft, Yarn Bomb No Comments

  If you’ve been to my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts recently, you’ve probably see lots of yarn bombing photos. We started a yarn bomb group at the ideaXfactory last fall and since, we meet every week, have been getting lots of projects done. When we found out the St. Patrick’s Day parade is scheduling … Read More

Sweater for a Ginko Tree and more Yarn Experiments

December 19, 2012Craft, Yarn Bomb 8 Comments

The little ginko tree outside the ideaXfactory started looking a little sad after it lost its leaves as the weather got colder, so we’ve been adding a few things. Like a tree sweater. Actually it sort of start as a turtle neck I knitted, (heh) and then I’ve been slowing adding arms. My friend Penny … Read More

Yarn Bombing meetings at the ideaXfactory

November 24, 2012Craft, Yarn Bomb 2 Comments

For those who haven’t heard, yarn bombing is about personalizing and colorizing ugly urban public places. It’s non-permanent graffiti knitting and crocheting, and there are active groups in cities around the world, each with their own projects and agendas. My friend Penny first told me about it and suggested we start a group. What a … Read More

Giving Handmade

January 14, 2012Craft No Comments

This past year I did pretty well on my goal to give handmade things for Christmas. I’ve sort of lost count but think I knitted about 10 hats, three scarves and a couple of cowls. And of course there were a few hats I knitted more than once or twice because I had to unravel … Read More

Needles and Yarns

December 4, 2011Craft 6 Comments

Last November the First Friday Art Walk was cold and we were planning on documenting the outdoor Nest-rolling Parade, so I bought a hand-knit cap at Good Girl Art Gallery. I like wearing it so much, it’s inspired me to start knitting again. I have lots of yarn sitting around from past undone projects, and … Read More