Panbanisha and the Ghost Bike

November 27, 2012Disaster, Inspiration, Tech 20 Comments

It’s not often that something I create is controversial. Or perhaps I should say, misunderstood. Earlier this month, in memory for Panbanisha the famous bonobo who knew language through years of growing up in a conversation and story-rich environment created by her human caretakers, Russ and I created

Tornadoes, Oh My

January 8, 2008Disaster 4 Comments

This is a construction of found objects that I made. I find it relaxing and at the same time, energizing, to play with objects like building blocks. As we approach the anniversary of the terrible ice storm that paralyzed our city last January, we continue to have freaky weather. Last night was a scary night … Read More

Debris Deadline is Now

March 30, 2007Disaster 5 Comments

You wouldn’t think it, but this newspaper headline is enough to strike fear in the hearts of homeowners, because it mean the end of free city-pickups. In a terrible ice storm last January, branches cracked and trees fell everywhere in my neighborhood. And this is a neighborhood that loves its trees, so we’ve got an … Read More

A Strange Email Tale

March 23, 2007Disaster 5 Comments

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the e-mail box…. I was working on a list of all our fine art books that were damaged in the flood — looking up the cost of replacement on Amazon, when I got a message from Ebay. “You have not paid for this item…” Something … Read More

Goodbye Old Roof

March 20, 2007Disaster 5 Comments

It was a beautiful weekend here. There’s nothing like few sunny warm days to get your spirits up. Over the weekend, we had the old roof completely torn off of the front part of the studio, since it had been damaged by the ice and extreme cold during the January 07 ice storm. It was … Read More

The Squirrel Tree

February 22, 2007Disaster No Comments

Humans weren’t the only people who suffered in the January 2007 ice storm. I think a lot of wild animals struggled too. Yesterday I saw a disoriented racoon sitting in the middle of the road in the bright daylight, so I imagine he was sick or hurt. And in our own yard, there has been … Read More

On the Move

February 1, 2007Disaster, Studio 7 Comments

Greetings from the Tiki Bar! We’re moving our offices back into the warehouse, because of mass destruction and chaos in the front of the studio. I’ll send more photos as we get settled in and the place becomes more photo-friendly…In the meantime here’s a quick February One update. The green machines have multiplied, and now … Read More

Water Damaged Photos

January 26, 2007Disaster, Studio 8 Comments

This is my photo-washing station. Luckily since I have LOTS of photos to wash and dry, I have great scenery for my work — one of Russ’s aluminum and plexiglass paintings that hangs in our group room as a partition to hide to all the snacks in the kitchen behind. Every day I do another … Read More

Green Machines

January 24, 2007Disaster, Studio 10 Comments

Because there was so much water released in the offices by the broken sprinkler system (first it rained, then it flooded), the whole place has to be dried out to prevent mildew. So now there are about forty noisey green machines –high-powered fans and dehumidifiers — running night and day. It’s a little like trying … Read More