Simple Things

January 20, 2007Disaster 5 Comments

Yesterday the sun was shining, so some of the ice melted — but not much. Today was cloudy and snowy and now an icy rain is falling. Predictions are for another two inches of sleet, so this does not bode well for getting back to normal life. Here’s a link to more ice storm photos. … Read More

From Bad to Worse

January 19, 2007Disaster, Studio 17 Comments

Another day breaks in the crystal forest. Meanwhile, news from the inside isn’t good… Even though we’ve been running generators around the clock to keep things above freezing, the 4 degree weather for two nights in a row with no power got us. The fire sprinkler system in the ceiling at the studio frozen and … Read More

Another Dark Night

January 15, 2007Disaster 3 Comments

Another night without power. And the excuse to burn candles to make things romantic. At the same time, I think about the ingenuity of simple things, such as putting a string in wax to burn and make light for a whole evening. I think we often take what we think are simple technologies for granted. … Read More

Ghost Town

January 14, 2007Disaster 6 Comments

Nights are dark without electricity, but I like to keep lots of candles around. I usually just put them inside of clear canning jars so they make lots of light and are easy to carry around the house. Except I got a little carried away and created a tray (a Mexican bar tray) full of … Read More