Installation Blues (and Pinks)

November 30, 2006Drawings, Exhibitions No Comments

Today has been a crazy day! There’s a big snow and ice storm hovering over several states in the Midwest, and everything in our city has come to a standstill as ice rains from the sky, and people are high-tailing it home to hibernate from the weather. It’s put me in a bit of a … Read More

Late Date Men

November 16, 2006Drawings, Process, Studio No Comments

I got my hair done today. No, really I did get it cut (I have to every four weeks because it’s so short), but I don’t really put my hair up in curlers nowadays, although I have been known to do so a long, long time ago. This is actually part of one of the … Read More

Sewing Drawings

November 15, 2006Drawings, Process 2 Comments

When I go to contemporary art museums, I’m always delighted to see exhibits that push my view of art, but it seems harder to with my own work. I think there are things in my studio that I would not ordinarily consider a piece of art… but in terms of contemporary art, as explorations of … Read More

The Relationship between Yoga and Food

October 18, 2006Drawings, Process No Comments

Here’s PaMdora again, ready for quilting. Oooo, look! Her toes are curling up at the thought of going under the needle. I wonder if it feels something like getting a tattoo? Now her hair is curling up too! Just kidding, this is another in the series of Yoga 101 quilts that I’m working on — … Read More

Last Day of Summer

October 4, 2006Drawings No Comments

Okay it’s not really summer, but yesterday hit 89, one of the last really warm days of the season. I’ve been working hard lately to get ready for this show. Truthfully, I’m kind of freaking out because I’d hoped to have a lot more work done by now, and I only have two month left … Read More

Illustration Friday: Farm

September 12, 2006Drawings No Comments

This week’s theme for Illustration Friday is “Farm.” By coincidence, I was already working on a drawing about when I was abducted by aliens, and the drawing had a farm in it. Also a cow, a sheep, and some crop circles. I imagine when aliens travel, they do all the same things we do on … Read More

Wild Weeds

July 26, 2006Drawings No Comments

Last weekend we visited our friends, Karen and Robert, who live in a fairy-tale kind of house, maybe like Jack went to visit after he climbed the Beanstalk. It’s surrounded by acres of interesting plants and sculptures, and I’ve blogged about their great art collection before. This visit I had a great time driving around … Read More

Illustration Friday: Sacrifice

July 19, 2006Drawings, Illustration Friday 1 Comment

This week’s theme for Illustration Friday is “sacrifice.” I thought it would be a good time to practice drawing cannibals since we’re going on a trip next week, and I think there might be some at our hotel. When I googled “cannibals” to get some ideas, this photo came up first. It’s from some joke … Read More

Time to Make Art

July 17, 2006Drawings 1 Comment

A couple of years ago, I saw my friend Laura had a watch that said, “Time to go to your studio and Make some art” on the face (she’s a sculptor). She said her son gave it to her, and it really worked. So I spend a lot of time searching the internet for a … Read More

Art is a Lie

July 15, 2006Drawings No Comments

Jo was right, those steroids I was taking for the poison ivy last week made me peppy, no, something even more extreme – they turned me into a re-organization Tasmania devil (you know who I’m talking about, the little hairy guy who makes tornados everywhere he goes). Made a tornado and filed a room stacked … Read More