It’s Only a Leaf

July 6, 2006Drawings No Comments

So here’s what I did on the Fourth of July…the fireworks were on my legs, so I sat around and watched them explode into lovely reds and purples. For all my jokes about urban camping, I guess I brushed up against some poisen ivy last week at Mac’s Sculpture Farm near Cincinnati and wasn’t smart … Read More

Illustration Friday: CAKE

May 29, 2006Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

Happy coincidence! The theme for Illustration Friday this week is “Cake” — I’ve already used this drawing for another theme – “Song”, but now I’m working on the quilt so this one is in fabric! It’s based on a summer job I had once delivering singing telegrams. I actually jumped out of a cardboard cake … Read More

Those Dang Dangos

March 22, 2006Drawings, Other Artists 1 Comment

Here’s a drawing I did today instead of getting my quilt ready for Visions as I should. I like getting accepted to shows, but hate having to actually ship the work. Back to the drawing though, it’s almost finished except I want to put Ree and Jun in a doorway looking into the room before … Read More

Illustration Friday: Insect

March 9, 2006Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

I still haven’t caught up on everything since the tv taping. But I couldn’t resist doing this drawing for Illustration Friday called “Those Pesky Men”. You can click on it for a bigger version. In case you’re wondering, it’s not inspired by any kind of emotional stress, and I’m not a man-hater. This just popped … Read More

Illustration Friday: Song

February 23, 2006Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

Here’s my drawing for Illustration Friday and Yankee Doodle Dandy — that’s the song. You may remember I started this drawing for a quilt long ago, around the fourth of July, but I never got around to explaining it. One summer during college I got a job delivering singing telegrams. I usually wore a tuxedo … Read More

I Brought Some Friends Home

February 4, 2006Drawings No Comments

I’ve been thinking that PaMdora needs some new friends, so I sketched some while I was in Mexico. Some ideas came from this cool retro clothing book that I bought in a museum last summer. Other drawings are kind of vague caricatures of real people. Can you tell which ones were drawn from real people … Read More

Really I Have Been Drawing

February 1, 2006Drawings No Comments

I’ve been doing a series of drawings to somehow show how it feels to do yoga on the roof. This one is an arial view. That weird-looking thing that sort of resembles a vacuum cleaner is a round boombox I’m using to play yoga-ish music via my Ipod.

It’s Just Like Drawing!

January 15, 2006Drawings, Process No Comments

Here’s my new frame. Since I’ve never worked with a frame before, I rolled the fabrics on the wrong way about six times. After I finally got it right, the top, backing, and batting are all on separate rollers. Once it was set up right, it was a lot of fun to doodle away, it … Read More