Color Studies

January 10, 2006Drawings No Comments

Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I worked on these little color studies. They’re actually not little, they are really full size drawings 42″ by 70″, but I found that if I had four open at once in my drawing program and use the tile horizontally command, they popped into a little pattern like you … Read More

No Two Flakes are Alike

December 8, 2005Drawings No Comments

So here’s sort of what I’ve been thinking about in the abstract department. Although it’s not exactly abstract, I have ideas for a series of pieces that are more pattern-based. Not so serious, kind of like “groovy decor for your home and office.” There are certain objects that appeal to me for some unknown reason … Read More

Illustration Friday: Blue

December 7, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

On Monday we were installing Russ’s newest sculpture at the Washington University School of Medicine, so I haven’t had much time to post this week. But I wanted to get my Illustration Friday drawing done for Blue. It was a little inspired by the below freezing weather we’ve had lately, but also a bit of … Read More

Illustration Friday: Small

November 25, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

I love all the little vintage-looking purses that I see in shops nowdays, but can’t seem to fit everything inside because they are TOO SMALL! It’s been a while since I’ve done an Illustration Friday, but this theme gave me an idea for another drawing for a quilt that I’ve been trying to work on … Read More

Illustration Friday: Cold

October 20, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

Ever go to a fancy cocktail party and not know who to talk to? Needless to say the atmosphere can feel a little chilly, if not downright COLD. So here’s my drawing this week. I was at such a party last night – a ritzy affair on the ninth floor of the New York City … Read More

Illustration Friday: Lost

October 12, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

Anyone remember the song Lost in the Supermarket by the Clash? “I’m all lost in the supermarket, I can no longer shop happily…: I’ve been wanting to do a supermarket drawing for a while because I hate grocery shopping so much, so this came to mind when I saw the Illustration Friday theme this week. … Read More

Airport Drawings

September 18, 2005Drawings No Comments

Yesterday we were flying from St. Louis to Cary, NC, and I’m not as good as Melody and you others at packing my knitting on the plane. How am I going to get that sweater that needs sleeves into a carry-on with two laptops, a camera and all my other important essentials? I had got … Read More

Little Critters

September 18, 2005Drawings No Comments

This is what my sketchbooks usually look like, full of little critters. I’m running out of room in this one, so have been drawing in pen on top of some old yucky pencil sketches. These are ideas for the Fishing for Trouble quilt. You can click on the photo for a closer look at their … Read More