Illustration Friday: Depth

September 15, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

I’ve had this idea for a quilt, every since the warnings came out about all the mercury in fish (which I love to eat, wah!). So when Illustration Friday posted the theme “Depth”, I thought I’d get off my tush and work up a sketch. For a quilt, I’ll want more details, but the deadline … Read More

Yankee Doodle Dandy

August 28, 2005Drawings No Comments

One of the other places I’ve been lately is Cloud Nine. Melody reminded me that I haven’t yet posted anything about the Husqvarna Viking announcement. I got a call this week from Sweden to say I’d won second prize in their special exhibition that opens in Houston the end of this October. So it was … Read More

Tsuru for Good Luck

August 27, 2005Drawings No Comments

I finally got a photo gallery of our family reunion posted. It’s been held every summer in a different west coast city for the last 30 years, and around eighty to a hundred people usually show up. Next year my cousin Mari will be the chairman, and the reunion will be held in Portland, Oregon … Read More

July 22, 2005Drawings No Comments

As I was driving to yoga class at five-thirty this morning, I passed a man on a bicycle. From a distance, he seemed to be weaving down the middle of the road. As I got closer, I saw that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, and he was smoking a pipe. I don’t know why anyone … Read More

Illustration Friday – Karma

July 21, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

PaMdora briefly thought about naming her new puppy “Karma” so that depending on what the puppy did, she could say, “Good Karma!” or “Bad Karma!” I also wanted to use this drawing for Illustration Friday because orginally I was going to include two puppies — the good one and the bad. But ran out of … Read More

Doggie Names

July 20, 2005Drawings No Comments

This morning I sat outside and sketched the new puppy, but she moves around so much it’s difficult. She’s really happy outside — the family we got her from kept all their dogs outside, so that’s all she knew before coming home with us. Yesterday Russ fixed all the questional areas of our fence, so … Read More

Those Crazy Vikings!

June 25, 2005Drawings No Comments

  Well, good news has arrived. PaMdora is off to join the Vikings in her new role in the Husqvarna Viking Exhibit that will travel to Houston, Chicago, and some place in France. I’m not even sure if she knows how to use a sword or sing opera. Just kidding, opera has nothing to do … Read More

Robbery at the Lingerie Boutique

May 8, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

When I saw that the Illustration Friday theme for this week was Mischief, I was happy because I had already started this drawing. There’s plenty of mischief going on here, and lingerie itself seems to be all about mischief. It got to be pretty fun when I decided to add the Channel 5 Eye Witness … Read More