April 28, 2010Drawings, Journeys, Sketchbooks 7 Comments

For those who have been wondering if I fell off the end of the earth, unfortunately for many weeks I was teleported to another dimension called Really Hard Work. Not just the brain-drain kind of hard work, but also the kind that completely wears you out by the end of the day. I was able … Read More

540 Stone Monks

March 3, 2010Blog, Drawings, Journeys 5 Comments

Here’s some pages from my Japan sketchbook. At the Kitain Temple in Kawagoe, there is a small plot of land with rows and rows of Buddhist monks, carved from stone between 1782 and 1825. A note on the guide sheet said no two are alike. It’s not just that the statues are all different – … Read More

Winter Olympics 2010

February 21, 2010Blog, Drawings, Sketchbooks 4 Comments

Recently back from Japan and still suffering jetlag… So it’s nice to just veg out in the evening and watch the winter olympics in Vancouver. Here are some couch potato ink brush drawings of Olymipic ice dancing using my travel watercolor set and my new-found joy – Japanese waterbrushes. Waterbrushes are plastic pens that you … Read More

Sitting in the back

January 29, 2010Blog, Drawings, Sketchbooks 9 Comments

When I go to videotape an event, I usually sit on the back row or in an aisle seat so I can easily get up and down as needed. The other day at the Creamery Arts Center, I sat in the back, only to be delighted to have the opportunity to draw some wonderful hairstyles … Read More

Three Kokeshi

January 25, 2010Art, Blog, Drawings 5 Comments

There’s not really much more to read here…. I just upgraded WordPress on the blog and was trying out this new theme. I like the hand-drawn look, but will have to play around with how it works. More on my new travel watercolor set tomorrow!