Merry White Christmas!

December 25, 2009Blog, Drawings, Holidays, Sketchbooks 4 Comments

I’ve been drawing stuff in the sky this week and looking at photos of space, astronauts, and the Hubble…. animations of fireworks…. Today we woke to a gift from the sky – snow! This the first White Christmas I can remember in a long time. Mochi and I went on a very early morning walk. … Read More


August 3, 2009Drawings 9 Comments

Finally got the poster design done for the Japanese Fall Festival, coming up September 11-13. I haven’t done one of these posters/T-shirt design for the Sister Cities association in about seven years. Here was the last one I did in kind of a wood-block style,  a couple of years before I started making cartoon quilts. … Read More

A little morning exercise

May 29, 2009Drawings 15 Comments

Encouraged by the flurry of comments about favorite cheese curl poses (thanks you guys, I don’t even have to ask — you all just jump right in and tell me what you think!) I started refining some of them. Between sketching and a real plan to work in fabric from, there are lots of little … Read More

Just one more, then I’ll go back to bed….

May 21, 2009Drawings 22 Comments

One night I woke and sat in semi-darkness, hoping by not turning on the lights, I could fall back asleep. Finally I did, but not before I drew these little yoga doodles. It’s an idea I’m exploring for a new Yoga 101 project called The Cheese Curl pose. Only problem, I have too many ideas … Read More

Shoes Blues

May 6, 2009Drawings 4 Comments

Some of my distraction from creativity lately has been a pain in my foot. Apparently either my feet have expanded a whole lot or all my shoes shrunk. None of my shoes fit anymore, and I’m sadly giving them away to a lucky sister. Although I’d heard of Birkenstock before, now they are the only … Read More

Sketchbook Mania

March 20, 2009Drawings, Mixed Media, Sketchbooks 37 Comments

It’s kind of embarrassing how many half-filled sketchbooks of all shapes and sizes that I have laying around. As I’ve gotten more in the habit drawing, I tend to pick one up and carry it around in my purse for a while, then lose it in a stack of books. Then start another. Before now, I … Read More

Drawing people at dinner

March 10, 2009Drawings, Mixed Media, Sketchbooks 6 Comments

These are some drawings of people we traveled with or met on the trip. They’re character sketches, so don’t look exactly like the real people. At dinner people sort of sit in one place, but don’t pose. These are my composite impressions of people as they move and talk naturally. It’s a challenge to do … Read More

Early morning drawing

February 19, 2009Drawings 5 Comments

I don’t often draw flowers, but something about this arrangement made me want to stop and take a few moments to look. Maye it was the unusual vase or the one droopy rose?