It’s a new day

January 20, 2009Drawings 8 Comments has new song out for the inauguration of President Obama today, but I still like this one from the election season last fall. Update: Did this other version of New Day — just fooling around trying out different techniques.

I dream of genie and other little critters

January 15, 2009Drawings 4 Comments

Sketchbooks of different sizes and proportions seem to inspire different types of drawing. I have lots of different sketchbooks going at once and there is no rhyme or reason. This are some more free-association drawings done in the evenings and early morning. No deep meaning, just drawing and coloring whatever comes to mind.

Some of my favorite organizational tools

January 4, 2009Drawings, Tech 5 Comments

Usually I take a stab at re-organization at various times throughout the year, not just at the New Year. But this seems like a good time to mention my favorites. (Sorry PC users, but I think these are all mac-only programs. Although I still use a desktop PC, my main laptop is a Mac.) • … Read More

Happy New Year’s, with some resolutions

January 1, 2009Drawings, Holidays 9 Comments

sketch from Gong Fu Teahouse Last year I chose three words to define my new year. Now I can’t even find them on my blog (know I did a post about it) and can’t remember them either. Well, that worked well didn’t it? This year decided to go back to some simple new years resolutions: … Read More

Missouri is a swing state

November 4, 2008Drawings 5 Comments

Couldn’t resist drawing this dream I had about Missouri last night. I’m glad I voted today, feel like I’m helping make history. Missouri is called a bellweather state, it’s voted for all the presidents except one since 1904. Recently Obama pulled ahead in the polls, so hoping that is a good sign. Voting here will … Read More

Skating on Thin Ice

September 27, 2008Drawings, Process 14 Comments

So here’s the final drawing, ready to cut into fabric. I always feel so much better when I turn the corner on a project and feel it’s headed in the right direction. You can see how I was working towards this in my sketches in this previous post. An artistic project is a process, and … Read More

Once upon a Line

September 26, 2008Drawings 4 Comments

I’ve always liked telling stories, now I make them in my art. Here’s how I started one in a project called “Skating on Thin Ice.” Sometimes I have this feeling that the technology that I depend so heavily on is so fragile and my knowledge so limited, that I have to keep skating across the … Read More

Musings on the Creamery Art Center

August 27, 2008Drawings, Sketchbooks 11 Comments

Gerrie asked about the motivation behind this new series “Wish You Were Hair” and it’s true it’s inspired by my collection of vintage postcards. Also my fascination with travel and world monuments and landmarks… But the real motivation — I can’t get out of mind the kids who come through the Creamery Arts Center. I’ve … Read More