Icons and Culture

September 14, 2007Exhibitions, Inspiration 9 Comments

I want to enter a show that’s called Icons and Imagery because I think it’s a great idea for a theme. But the juror is German and the exhibition will be in England. So this gave me pause — the humor and play on words and images that is a big part of my art, … Read More

Niki in the Garden

July 20, 2007Exhibitions, Inspiration, Journeys, Other Artists 20 Comments

Occasionally a show comes along that so exciting and full of life, color and joy that it’s difficult to fit it into a simple blog post. This is true of Niki in the Garden at Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory. Over 30 larger-than-life sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle are installed in the already wonderful greenhouses … Read More

Let Us Speak of Love

May 30, 2007Exhibitions, Journeys, Other Artists 8 Comments

In the words of Prem Joshua, “Tonight, let us speak of love. I can think of no better subject until the day we die.” I’ve been writing a lot lately, and it struck me that artists don’t seem to talk about LOVE very much. Maybe love isn’t one of those good art-speak terms, unless it … Read More

Quilt National 07 opening

May 25, 2007Exhibitions, Journeys 10 Comments

When I made this quilt, I was so focused the story behind it that I didn’t realize what it might look like if you didn’t know the story or read the title. But all evening I got questions about what the crotch shot was about. It’s not about that, it was because I had poison ivy so bad that I just lay on the bed, trying to to let anything touch my legs, not even each other.

Quilts to Go

April 22, 2007Exhibitions 5 Comments

Yes, I’ll have the stripey fabric wrap, quilted with a little saucey attitude. Just kidding, this week I had to wrap up eight quilts, three of them big ones, to ship to Grounds for Sculpture for their Spring/Summer exhibition. I’ve never shipped so many at once, so it seemed a little awkward, until Russ came … Read More

Fiberarts International 2007 Review

April 21, 2007Exhibitions 1 Comment

Thanks to Penny for her quick response! She’s posted a description of the opening events in the comments section of my last post, and given us this link to an article about the show, some of the artists, and how it was juried in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It all sounds so exciting, I wish I … Read More

Fiber and Photography

April 21, 2007Exhibitions, Other Artists 5 Comments

Last weekend Fiberarts International 2007 opened in Pittsburgh, PA, and will eventually travel to the Mint Museum of Craft + Design in North Carolina. My quilt “The Vintage Purse” is part of the exhibit, but I couldn’t attend the opening or next-day fiber forum. I was hoping to find some news about the events on-line, … Read More

The Q word

March 12, 2007Exhibitions 4 Comments

Remember last spring when I was posting a lot from the Grounds for Sculpture, that place with the gorgeous galleries and crazy peacocks running around on the lawn? I probably wouldn’t be exhibiting there, except that I used the dreaded Q word during Russ’s installation for his group show last spring. When I said something … Read More

Photos of my Solo Exhibit

December 10, 2006Exhibitions 14 Comments

Here’s a photo of the front part of The Perils of PaMdora exhibition at Pool Art Center Gallery. I have six new quilts in this exhibit — “The Singing Telegram” is on the left and “Alien Invasion” is on the right. The back of the partial wall with my quilt “The Vintage Purse.” This is … Read More