The Perils have been Postponed!

December 1, 2006Exhibitions 13 Comments

The opening of The Perils of PaMdora has been postponed until next Friday because a big ice storm the size of three states hit yesterday. It feels a little like having school cancelled because of snow on the day you have a big test. Oh great, I have another whole week to prepare. And then, … Read More

Installation Blues (and Pinks)

November 30, 2006Drawings, Exhibitions No Comments

Today has been a crazy day! There’s a big snow and ice storm hovering over several states in the Midwest, and everything in our city has come to a standstill as ice rains from the sky, and people are high-tailing it home to hibernate from the weather. It’s put me in a bit of a … Read More

Legs like Bananas

November 8, 2006Exhibitions, Process No Comments

Hey, look at the legs on that quilt!! And now that I’ve got your atttention, I’d like to make an announcement. Denise kindly pointed out that I have done a poor job of informing people about the dates and location of my upcoming show….. The Perils of PaMdora Art Quilts by Pam RuBert Dec. 1, … Read More

Exciting Studio News

October 11, 2006Exhibitions No Comments

Only recently I learned my quilt PaMdora’s Box will be at the San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum as part of Quilt National 2005. Yesterday I received this postcard in the mail — PaMdora is a cover girl! It’s very cool to be in this museum because I have lots of family out in that … Read More

“Gilded” Closing Reception

October 9, 2006Exhibitions No Comments

This weekend was the closing reception for the Uncommon Threads “Gilded” show — aka Art Quilts at the Creamery. The Creamery is a historic building downtown that has been donated to our Arts Council and is undergoing a million-dollar renovation, so we were lucky to be able to have a show there. Several out-of-town artists … Read More

Studio B Opening

June 23, 2006Exhibitions, Journeys No Comments

The opening at the Studio B Sculpture Invitational was a great success and the buzz of the International Sculpture Conference. Probably between 400-500 people showed up throughout the night. I’ve posted some more great photos of the opening on RuBert Studios blog, but will post more about the conference later. Between the conference, all the … Read More

Positronic Neural Net

May 13, 2006Exhibitions, Sculpture 1 Comment

This interactive installation is called Positronic Neural Net by Russ RuBert. The frames are fabricated aluminum filled with fragments of found neon that are wired to motion sensors, so that different segments of neon light up in response to people walking around them. We had about a minute to take photos with all the neon … Read More

Museum Installation

April 23, 2006Exhibitions No Comments

I couldn’t stand it and had to sneak over to the museum to see Jim and Gregory hanging the Uncommon Threads show. I love these big portable walls that stand in the middle of the main gallery. Impressive space, isn’t it? That’s Jim the curator in the corner trying to make sense of the list … Read More

Kicking off the Exhibition

April 23, 2006Exhibitions, Press No Comments

The reception was Friday night, and the exhibition is off to a great start. Lots of people came, and the quilts look amazing. You can see lots of photos from the installation, reception, and the quilts themselves in this photo gallery I’ve put together. We also had a very nice article that appeared in the … Read More

Art Quilts at the Sedgwick Opening

April 13, 2006Exhibitions No Comments

“Throw away the box, I’m wearing those red cowboots out of here.” And so I left Dudes Boutique and went directly to a packed house at the Art Quilts at the Sedgwick reception (which wasn’t at the Sedgwick, but at the Philadelphia Arts Alliance). I was actually color-coordinated with my best black suit, red blouse, … Read More