Stitch Me a Story

November 10, 2009Exhibitions, Featured, Other Artists

Clever name for a show, huh? Wish I’d thought of it. I didn’t — Mary O’Shaughnessy did. You may remember Mary, I mentioned her and Charlie (both artists) in a blog post a couple of years ago when we visited their gallery/studio/workspace/sculpture garden in Chicago. Mary curated “Stitch Me a Story” for the Noyes Cultural … Read More

Creative Space and Time: Podcast with Ricë Freeman-Zachery

November 6, 2009Featured, Press

To write Creative Time and Space: Making Room for Making Art, Ricë Freeman-Zachery worked all last year getting a ton of information and tips out of twelve artists (including me). She also got great photos of artwork, drawings, quilts, sculptures, collages, sketchbooks, and studio space from everyone. For my contribution to the book, I think … Read More

The Haunted Hairdryer and other Halloween Constructions

October 31, 2009Featured, Holidays

We get a LOT of kids at Halloween at our house — something like 500+  each year the weather’s good. So we have to budget for our Pyramid of Candy carefully. Also decorating is very fun. Two years ago it was “KaBOOki – The Haunted Sushi Bar” and here’s another set of photos from that … Read More

Candy PaMdora on YouTube

September 27, 2009Featured, Other Artists, Videos

Two Japanese artists visited the studio during their Springfield trip to perform at the Japanese Fall Festival a couple of weeks ago. Candy Miyuki who has taken an old traditional Japanese art of candy sculpture to a new level. She performs at Disney’s Epcot Center, has been on the Rose O’Donnel show, and makes custom … Read More

Circular Writing is like Circular Knitting

September 16, 2009Blogging, Featured, Writing

I used to think that writing was a linear thing, and it can be if you’re telling a story. Then blogs came along, and it seemed to make sense to write and post things in order, because in the beginning they were kind of just an online diary of events or ideas. Now there’s the … Read More

Have we entered a beige period?

August 14, 2009Featured, Studio

After renovating the studio last year, we’ve gone to a whole new aesthetic — from orange and black checkered floors and multi-colored walls to more of a retro-Swedish-modern look with bamboo floors. We call it Studio2.0. It’s a very calm clean atmosphere, much different than the usual colorful chaos of my fiber studio in back. … Read More