Mother’s Day Gift from Mom

May 16, 2012Holidays, Inspiration 2 Comments

Talking to my mother on Mother’s Day, she mentioned that she had recently written a memoir for her college class reunion. I asked if she’d send it to me. When the email arrived, I realized I’d been given a wonderful gift — chance to know my mother better in a different time and place. She … Read More

Halloween and Spontaneous Creativity

October 30, 2011Holidays, Studio 1 Comment

Regardless of what most people thing, Halloween is not just about ghouls and goblins — it’s all about spontaneous creativity. It’s the one time of year that most people think it’s perfectly acceptable to dress up in costumes and become someone or something else and walk around on public streets. Just think about it. Most … Read More

Winter Solstice

December 22, 2010Holidays, Photographs 4 Comments

Last night we got up at 2 am to watch the lunar eclipse on the winter solstice. It was a crisp night and the moon was positioned perfectly for watch everything right from our back deck – nice of the universe to put on such a spectacular show with front row seats, no charge. Lots … Read More

The Real Fireworks

January 10, 2010Blog, Blogging, Holidays 3 Comments

Here’s what we did on New Year’s Eve. I’d been drawing fireworks in the sky, and that was fun, but it was all part of a plot to pysch myself up to go stand outside in 5 degree weather at midnight. I’m kind of a wimp about these things, so it took some mental prep … Read More

Merry White Christmas!

December 25, 2009Blog, Drawings, Holidays, Sketchbooks 4 Comments

I’ve been drawing stuff in the sky this week and looking at photos of space, astronauts, and the Hubble…. animations of fireworks…. Today we woke to a gift from the sky – snow! This the first White Christmas I can remember in a long time. Mochi and I went on a very early morning walk. … Read More

Happy Birthday U.S.A

July 5, 2009Holidays 3 Comments

4th of July weekend is usually pretty big around here. In our neighborhood, we like to dress up in red, white and blue, decorate our bikes, dogs and cars, and parade around the block in a mob-like fashion, then end up in front of someone’s house who is kind enough to provide brownies and lemonaide. … Read More