Can O’ Worms Sandwich


Had the idea for this drawing as I watched a bird eating his lunch the other day, and then when Illustration Friday posted that this week’s theme was “canned,” I thought Perfect!

Lately work has been a series of unpleasant little messes — mostly small stuff I admit, but it seems to add up, and then I find myself crabby when I don’t want to be. I used to subscribe to the Spoon Full of Sugar/Sound of Music philosophy, but to deal with some of the gnarly things that have been happening lately, I’ve developed the Sandwich Technique. I try to do some drawing or art first thing in the morning and also end up the day with something else good. This sandwiches the nasty tasting stuff into the middle of the day, but each day starts and ends on the right note.

I also try to remember this bit of PamZen: Be not angry at the worm. It will only make you feel bad, and besides, the worm probably has it worse than you.

Mystery Trip


What do you pack when you go on a trip? This week the Illustration Friday theme is “Choose” so it seems appropriate that I’m trying to choose what to take. Whenever I go on a trip, I take waaayyy too much, and then when I get there, nothing matches, it’s the wrong season, or I spend most my time wishing I’d brought something else or shopping for something I’ve forgotten.

And what if you didn’t know where you were going? Tomorrow I leave on a mystery trip. I have no idea where to. I’d check the weather, but I don’t know were it is. The funny thing is, it’s kind of fun not knowing! Guess I should stop drawing and start packing.

Illustration Friday: Blanket


I feel right at home with this week’s Illustration Friday theme: Blanket, because I spent all weekend under one, still trying to sleep off this nasty cold-flu.

Here’s an interesting link called “How to be an Early Riser” if you don’t want to be like me. My advice is just the opposite for “how to be a full-time sleepyhead” — read lots of technical books like The Visual Quickstart Guide to WordPress and stuff with a lot of chemical formulas, like Color by Design: Paint and Print with Dye. Actually they are both good books, but yawn…I just can’t keep my eyes open.

One more word on blankets. I had to change hair stylists last fall because the guy keep asking me if I was still making blankets. I make art quilts, not blankets, and after a few months it stopped being funny. Actually it never was funny. Let’s just say, don’t call them blankets, that is if you want to cut my hair!

Illustration Friday: Stitch

60min_stitch1.jpg I drew this guy while watching 60 Minutes. It doesn’t work very well to draw people on tv who are in sit-coms, because they all seem to look alike, but news shows have more interesting faces.

Thanks to Jane for getting me motivated to try turning a drawing into a stitched piece. How could I have been about to pass up this week’s Illustration Friday theme?

I almost got the fabric cut and stitched in an hour (sixty minutes — ha ha, get it?) The back is almost as interesting as the front…

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Illustration Friday: Zoo School for Big Cats


The Illustration Friday theme this week is Zoo, but I kept thinking about the new Leopard operating system on my Mac. Then I remembered that all the previous Mac OS X operating systems were named for big cats, and I thought the big cats might have to go to school to learn the difference between a mouse and mouse. So this is my Zoo School for Big Cats. (click on it for a bigger version).The big cats in class from left to right are: Leopard, Cheetah, Tiger, Puma, and Jaguar. Now it probably makes sense why I was drawing big cats in my last post.

Illustration Friday: Sacrifice

This week’s theme for Illustration Friday is “sacrifice.” I thought it would be a good time to practice drawing cannibals since we’re going on a trip next week, and I think there might be some at our hotel. When I googled “cannibals” to get some ideas, this photo came up first. It’s from some joke site and pretty corny, but that kid in the cook pot cracked me up.

Illustration Friday: Portrait — Pounds for Sculpture

I know know why I had artist’s block last week. The idea for this self-portrait was blocking everything else out, so I finally bowed to my compulsion to illustrate Russ’s installation at Grounds for Sculpture last month. As he worked his gizmo magic on his neon-aluminum sculptures, my job was to remain on stand-by as my great talent for holding things in mid-air while he decides what to do is only rarely called upon. (Although I did actually install some screws.)

So in the meantime, I ate. Hence I have dubbed the place Pounds for Sculpture. The first day we were there, the curators fed us donut holes for breakfast. What is it about New Jersey? People there seem to love their Dunkin’ Donuts. That same afternoon, the assistant for Lin Emery came to install a beautiful sculpture — the stainless steel modules twisted and turned in the slightest breeze. It was mesmerizing to watch, like watching waves on the ocean. Except I still can’t help making some silly joke about contemporary sculpture and donuts.

There was a cafe downstairs… wonderful roasted eggplant sandwiches, pastries, cappuccino, meringues, and quiche made with brie — can you get any richer than that? There was also my daily run to Starbucks for Green Tea Frappuccinos, my latest craving. And of course, Blow Pops, but I’ll save that story for another day. Looking through the window of the gallery is a peacock– there were several on the grounds — curious, pompous and watching with all their eyes.

So the drawing is of me, sitting on a little wooden box pulled up to a big green bench. When I wasn’t eating, I was working on my laptop. We were there five long days, and the GFS curators laughingly began to call it my “office.” But you can see it was really my dining room table!