Illustration Friday: CAKE

May 29, 2006Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

Happy coincidence! The theme for Illustration Friday this week is “Cake” — I’ve already used this drawing for another theme – “Song”, but now I’m working on the quilt so this one is in fabric! It’s based on a summer job I had once delivering singing telegrams. I actually jumped out of a cardboard cake … Read More

Illustration Friday: Insect

March 9, 2006Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

I still haven’t caught up on everything since the tv taping. But I couldn’t resist doing this drawing for Illustration Friday called “Those Pesky Men”. You can click on it for a bigger version. In case you’re wondering, it’s not inspired by any kind of emotional stress, and I’m not a man-hater. This just popped … Read More

Illustration Friday: Song

February 23, 2006Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

Here’s my drawing for Illustration Friday and Yankee Doodle Dandy — that’s the song. You may remember I started this drawing for a quilt long ago, around the fourth of July, but I never got around to explaining it. One summer during college I got a job delivering singing telegrams. I usually wore a tuxedo … Read More

Illustration Friday: Blue

December 7, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

On Monday we were installing Russ’s newest sculpture at the Washington University School of Medicine, so I haven’t had much time to post this week. But I wanted to get my Illustration Friday drawing done for Blue. It was a little inspired by the below freezing weather we’ve had lately, but also a bit of … Read More


December 1, 2005Illustration Friday, Process No Comments

Actually the Husqvarna machine that I won arrived at the dealer’s shop last week just before Thanksgiving. After a short demo, I found it was very nice and had a few buttons that I would love on my current machine. But it also duplicated many things that I don’t ever use, so I asked to … Read More

Illustration Friday: Small

November 25, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

I love all the little vintage-looking purses that I see in shops nowdays, but can’t seem to fit everything inside because they are TOO SMALL! It’s been a while since I’ve done an Illustration Friday, but this theme gave me an idea for another drawing for a quilt that I’ve been trying to work on … Read More

Illustration Friday: Cold

October 20, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

Ever go to a fancy cocktail party and not know who to talk to? Needless to say the atmosphere can feel a little chilly, if not downright COLD. So here’s my drawing this week. I was at such a party last night – a ritzy affair on the ninth floor of the New York City … Read More

Illustration Friday: Lost

October 12, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday No Comments

Anyone remember the song Lost in the Supermarket by the Clash? “I’m all lost in the supermarket, I can no longer shop happily…: I’ve been wanting to do a supermarket drawing for a while because I hate grocery shopping so much, so this came to mind when I saw the Illustration Friday theme this week. … Read More