Illustration Friday: Depth

September 15, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday

I’ve had this idea for a quilt, every since the warnings came out about all the mercury in fish (which I love to eat, wah!). So when Illustration Friday posted the theme “Depth”, I thought I’d get off my tush and work up a sketch. For a quilt, I’ll want more details, but the deadline … Read More

Illustration Friday – Karma

July 21, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday

PaMdora briefly thought about naming her new puppy “Karma” so that depending on what the puppy did, she could say, “Good Karma!” or “Bad Karma!” I also wanted to use this drawing for Illustration Friday because orginally I was going to include two puppies — the good one and the bad. But ran out of … Read More

Illustration Friday – Metropolitan

July 14, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday

Haven’t participated in Illustration Friday in a while, but I promised myself that I would do my next one in fabric (not drawing.) So here it is: I free-cut the fabric, and improvisationally pieced and fused. No pattern! Don’t know if I’ll quilt it, but it would be fun to define the cables on the … Read More

Robbery at the Lingerie Boutique

May 8, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday

When I saw that the Illustration Friday theme for this week was Mischief, I was happy because I had already started this drawing. There’s plenty of mischief going on here, and lingerie itself seems to be all about mischief. It got to be pretty fun when I decided to add the Channel 5 Eye Witness … Read More

Illo Friday: Ambition & Monster Trucks

May 1, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday

Ambition…what do you drive, what drives you? I know there’s a joke in there somewhere, I just can’t quite sort it out. I have this crazy ambition to one day make an art car out of a 1973 Caprice convertible that’s sitting in the back of our studio warehouse, so I drew it and used … Read More

Illustration Friday: Daring, or Hotter Than H

April 26, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday

When I first saw the new topic for Illustration Friday, I thought for sure I’d have to recycle the rock-climbing drawing I did back in the February blog archives, but then suddenly *BING* I had a new idea as I lay on the sofa and thought about Russ judging barbeque at the Rock-N-Ribs festival this … Read More

Illustration Friday: Reinvent

April 17, 2005Drawings, Illustration Friday

I guess I still have hair on the brain since last Thursday’s post Hairy Relationships, because when I decided to join Illustration Friday, a weekly illustration challenge, this is what I came up with. This week’s topic is “reinvent.” Even if you don’t join, it’s fun to go to the web site and see the … Read More