First Quilter in Space

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Today Karen Nyberg is launching to the International Space Station, and according to this NBC Science article, will be the first quilter in space. The article brings up some interesting complications of sewing in space including the challenge of keeping the work still because it wants to float and having to watch for stray threads that could get in someone …


Panbanisha and the Ghost Bike

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It’s not often that something I create is controversial. Or perhaps I should say, misunderstood. Earlier this month, in memory for Panbanisha the famous bonobo who knew language through years of growing up in a conversation and story-rich environment created by her human caretakers, Russ and I created


Mother’s Day Gift from Mom

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Talking to my mother on Mother’s Day, she mentioned that she had recently written a memoir for her college class reunion. I asked if she’d send it to me. When the email arrived, I realized I’d been given a wonderful gift — chance to know my mother better in a different time and place. She said I could publish it, …

Inspiration fortune cookie

Inspiration Fortune Cookie for PechaKucha #6

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It’s great to get these little messages now and then to keep you going. Thanks Little Tokyo, our neighborhood Japanese restaurant, I needed this! All week I’ve been trying to get ready for PechuKucha #6 at the Creamery Arts Center. I’d kind of planned on presenting my 20×20 images of artists’ portraits done in iPhonegraphy, but had to widen it …

Mosaica self of sculpture made from recycled materials

Inspiration at Christine’s Studio

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Last weekend we helped out long-time friend Christine Kreamer-Schilling at her studio Mosaica during C-Street Steampunk Loftwalk. Christine has been a working artist for years, doing public art projects, teaching workshops for kids, collaborating with other artists, and making and selling her sculpture and art furniture. Since she works often with recycled materials, her studio is stuffed to the brim …