Who do you owe?

July 30, 2009Inspiration 11 Comments

Sure, becoming an artist is a long rough path with lots of hard knocks. We all know that. But who do you owe — for tiny little favors or inspirations along the way? Although we often hear about mentors and role models, sometimes it’s the smallest of things that give us light and illuminate our … Read More

Vintage Friday

June 12, 2009Inspiration, Vintage Stuff 10 Comments

Long ago I told Paper Dolls for Boys that I would post vintage photos on Fridays, but I really haven’t got that many great vintage photos. I do however have a nice collection of mid-century cookbooks — many I found when I bought two big boxes of old papers at an auction. They appear to … Read More

Cover for a Gratitude Journal

May 3, 2009Inspiration, Quilting 8 Comments

Here’s a quickie project that was fun to make. I had a small quilt that I liked, but never finished. So I cut my favorite part out  — the swoopy loop stitching — backed it with two pieces of fabric and zig-zagged around the edges. Inside it has a pencil pocket, ribbon page marker and … Read More

Creativity as a new focus

January 6, 2009Inspiration 18 Comments

< portfolio cover – back > If only in my own mind, I’ve decided to reframe the focus of my blog. Originally I called it my Art Adventure Blog and decided to post mainly art-related articles, projects, and photos. That was four years and 462 posts ago. (which reminds me that I need to figure … Read More

What is humor?

December 13, 2008Inspiration, Journeys, Mixed Media, Other Artists 2 Comments

What is humor? I been thinking about this question since I was asked to juror the show for SAQA called “Sense of Humor” (see last post for more details.) I’m not going look in some dictionary and give you the definition, I don’t even know what a real definition is — I just have my … Read More

Vintage postcards for inspiration

November 19, 2008Inspiration 9 Comments

Lately I’ve been busy with some projects that I’ve had no extra energy to blog… but tonight am writing several entries that I will post over the next few days. Earlier this summer I was working on a series called “Wish You Were Hair,” a series of world monuments transformed into humorous hair styles. You … Read More

Wired at Sunrise

October 30, 2008Inspiration, Studio 7 Comments

Lately more often than not, I wake up really early. When that happens, I workout and do some yoga, get breakfast and coffee, and head to the studio. I actually enjoy the quiet time before sunrise. This is the sun rising on the edge of the street headed east in front of our studio.