I Like to Draw Ears

July 16, 2008Drawings, Inspiration, Process, Quilts 11 Comments

Okay, I have to admit it — I like to draw ears. They are always weird if you look closely, and always different. Was it Monk or Sherlock Holmes who could recognize murder suspects by their distinctive ears alone? But I also have to admit — this ear doesn’t cut it. It will have to … Read More

Open Space, New Projects and Fear

June 28, 2008Inspiration, Process, Studio 3 Comments

When I redid my office, I wanted a blank slate — with big project tables and open space to think up new projects. Then I saw a documentary about the architecture of a traditional Japanese house, and I understood what I had been striving for. There is no assigned function for rooms. The objects that … Read More

Back in the Groove

March 21, 2008Drawings, Inspiration, Studio, Tech 7 Comments

Nice monitor huh? Got for my birthday, and it plugs into my laptop to give me two screens for drawing and looking at reference material. Drawing for quilts is different than just drawing, because I have to remember that eventually it will be used as a pattern, and that I have be able to construct … Read More

You Make My Day!

January 9, 2008Inspiration 7 Comments

Gerrie gave me the “You Make My Day” award. Thanks Gerrie! Now I have to give it to ten other bloggers, which is hard because there are so many great ones out there. But here’s a list of some people who consistently post things that cheer me up, or get me thinking about or working … Read More

Considering Focus for the New Year

January 5, 2008Holidays, Inspiration 9 Comments

Thanks for the great comments on my last post about Simplify or Play as a key word for 2008. You all gave me a lot to think about. Another word I’ve been considering is Focus, because lately my brain has been feeling like a big gnarly hairball. In yoga it’s also called a Monkey Mind … Read More

Simplify or Play for the New Year?

January 2, 2008Drawings, Inspiration 20 Comments

On New Year’s Eve, I volunteered to work at First Night — an Arts Council sponsored event-filled night for people of all ages. Working in the hands-on area, making noise-makers out of paper plates and beans seemed the most fun. With all the kids there, guess who stapled her own finger? Ouch! When I wasn’t … Read More

Vintage Christmas

December 25, 2007Holidays, Inspiration, Vintage Stuff 8 Comments

We’ve had housefuls of company this year, so I’ve had little time to make anything myself, but I always enjoy getting little vintage treasures out of their storage boxes. This is a nativity scene made from a coconut and other nuts that I found in a bucket in the basement of an old house during … Read More