Drawing from Life

November 19, 2007Drawings, Inspiration, Sketchbooks 7 Comments

This is a terrific book that I picked up in Seattle and since have been slowly relishing each page. Unlike many survey books that devote little more than a superficial paragraph and single photo for each subject, there are many photos from each journal featured, along with Jennifer New’s in-depth profile of each journal-keeper’s motivation, … Read More

The World of Robert E. Smith

September 21, 2007Exhibitions, Inspiration, Other Artists 14 Comments

Robert E. Smith, a self-taught outsider artist who has been featured in the Museum of American Folk Art, will be 80 next month. To put together this show at the MSU Art & Design Gallery that spans over thirty years of work, collectors loaned 140 of his paintings for the exhibition. It’s a rare opportunity … Read More

Icons and Culture

September 14, 2007Exhibitions, Inspiration 9 Comments

I want to enter a show that’s called Icons and Imagery because I think it’s a great idea for a theme. But the juror is German and the exhibition will be in England. So this gave me pause — the humor and play on words and images that is a big part of my art, … Read More

Niki in the Garden

July 20, 2007Exhibitions, Inspiration, Journeys, Other Artists 20 Comments

Occasionally a show comes along that so exciting and full of life, color and joy that it’s difficult to fit it into a simple blog post. This is true of Niki in the Garden at Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory. Over 30 larger-than-life sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle are installed in the already wonderful greenhouses … Read More

Pressing Matters

May 1, 2007Inspiration 10 Comments

Feeling totally swamped with day-to-day emergencies and tedium? (yes) Feeling overwhelmed with too many responsibilities? (yes, yes) Feeling like you wish you had more arms, more eyes, twice more brains, and a lot more pep? (yes yes yes!) There are so many distractions that can take our attention away from what’s important. Many things are … Read More

White is a Color

January 12, 2007Inspiration 2 Comments

I try to always carry a little spy camera around with me to snap photos for my inspiration files — especially ideas for color schemes. And often while getting haircuts, I’ve admired this little box from afar, but yesterday I finally got out of the barbar chair to capture it. My hair stylist says this … Read More

Windows of Color

October 15, 2006Inspiration No Comments

Friday I drove to St. Louis for another funeral. The service was held in St. Paul’s Lutheran Church early in the morning, and the morning light filled the church with a colorful glow through the stained glass windows. The windows reminded me of patchwork quilts, and I especially liked how the small symbols were intermingled … Read More

Cartoon Logic and Old Cars

October 10, 2006Inspiration, Process No Comments

I’ve been driving around for about a week now with a really big bug splat on my windshield — to be able to study the shape and attributes of bug splats, and also to remind myself to put some bug splats on this quilted car. Now that the car and the windshield are done, I … Read More

Happy Kokeshi

August 8, 2006Inspiration No Comments

I promised Gerri I would take this photo. Gerrie gave me the Kokeshi doll in the middle to add to my collection when I met June, Terry, and Gerrie for lunch in Portland. She said it was lonely at her house, but it’s taken me a while to round these guys up for a little … Read More