Dismantled Car

March 15, 2006Inspiration, Process No Comments

Tomorrow morning we leave to see the premier of this famous opera with sets and costumes designed by this artist and other special exhibits of his work. I’m so excited about the trip, but had hoped to be further along on this piece before we left town. Maybe the break will do me good though … Read More

Annual Planning Retreat

February 22, 2006Inspiration 4 Comments

This is where we’ve been for the last two days — holed up in a little cabin in the woods. So nice that it snowed for our adventure, the only snow we’ve had this year! Made the whole thing more romantic. Russ and I always take a little retreat early each year to examine our … Read More

Life Imitates Art

January 21, 2006Inspiration No Comments

I wore cat-eye glasses in the fourth grade. Boy, does this photo bring back memories. My glasses were so thick that other kids made fun of me — they said they looked like the bottoms of coke bottles (I guess that’s when coke came in bottles). Notice my early preference for turtlenecks, and the mole … Read More

My Gratitude Journal

April 6, 2005Inspiration 1 Comment

Recently I read a special issue of Time magazine called “The Science of Being Happy.” It was very interesting, several of the articles were about how historically psychologists studied only the mentally ill, but recently there has been more research into people who are not and into the things that contribute to people being happy.We … Read More

Chinese Checkers

March 17, 2005Inspiration, Vintage Stuff No Comments

Oh my, it was a beautiful day today…I saw a guy and a dog flying a kite in a big grassy field.  Actually I spend the morning inside drawing, not a good use of the fabulous weather, but I did get out in the afternoon to go to an auction, and got this great Chinese … Read More

Magic Carpet Ride

January 9, 2005Inspiration 1 Comment

I’ve been interested in learning creative meditation, so I decided to make up my own Meditation story. Today after my daily yoga routine, I lay on the floor and day-dreamed this magic carpet ride. I’m wearing a long white nightgown with puffy sleeves, my hair long and flowing. There are silver rings on my toes … Read More