540 Stone Monks

March 3, 2010Blog, Drawings, Journeys

Here’s some pages from my Japan sketchbook. At the Kitain Temple in Kawagoe, there is a small plot of land with rows and rows of Buddhist monks, carved from stone between 1782 and 1825. A note on the guide sheet said no two are alike. It’s not just that the statues are all different – … Read More

Tokyo Towers

February 22, 2010Journeys, Process

I know for my online Japan Journal, I should probably first show you the pretty photos of snow-covered ancient pine trees in Nikko, but I have to start with the funky stuff first – because it’s my nature, and also I have a project deadline approaching, lol. Always ready to have a project in pocket, … Read More

Images of Japan

February 12, 2010Blog, Journeys

When traveling, it’s difficult to find time to post and write about many things we see. So here’s just a few images… as always the food can be so beautiful in Japan. I have no idea what it was — but it was delicious! I know what this was though, sashimi. It’s now gone also … Read More

Hammered Moleskein

February 10, 2010Blog, Journeys, Sketchbooks

This time I thought I’d start a journal right by working on the cover first! The “1” looks like I got a little heavy with the hammer, but other than than, I’m pretty happy with how the letters turned out.

Cape of the Super Organized

October 14, 2009Journeys

I was joking on Twitter the other day: Time to put on my cape and become Super Organized Person. I had been stressing out all week, because two big events had be scheduled for the same day. And they were 221 miles apart. Months before I had promised to speak at a new series at … Read More

Off to the Foundry

October 8, 2009Journeys

Today we were cleaning and setting up for an ArtsFiesta event tomorrow night at the studio. The mannequins were looking a little disheveled, so we dug into the vintage clothes stash and gave them a makeover. Some were in need of hair, some arms and hands. We have a big stash of both in a … Read More

Vintage Photo Friday – Capri motel sign

September 11, 2009Inspiration, Journeys, Vintage Stuff

This has to be the best motel sign that I’ve seen in the midwest. During the week of installing Russ’s neon show in Joplin and this week of de-installation, I’ve unintentionally explored many routes in and out of town. By far, my favorite route is old Main heading towards I-44, because of all the old … Read More