Have Extension Cord, will travel

July 18, 2009Exhibitions, Journeys 2 Comments

Welcome to my temporary office. Please have a seat, if you don’t mind a small child-sized chair. I have to admit that I travel with ridiculous amounts of gadgets and electronics. But the most important thing I’ve learned is to also bring an extension cord. It’s much more fun to work in galleries than hotels. … Read More

Modern Materials and friends

July 16, 2009Exhibitions, Journeys, Quilts 6 Comments

Last weekend at the opening of Modern Materials: The Art of the Quilt was a real treat. The [Artspace] at Untitled gallery was my kind of space — mix of old and new and art galore. Flavored largely by the art collection of eye of [Artspace] Founder Laura Warriner, the gallery sits on the edge … Read More

Vintage Friday again!

July 10, 2009Exhibitions, Journeys 20 Comments

Here are some old photos I scanned to use in the introduction for my artist’s talk tomorrow evening at the Modern Materials exhibition opening weekend. Modern Materials: The Art of the Quilt [Artspace] at Untitled 1 NE 3rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73104 Hours: Tues – Fri: 10am-6pm, Sat: 10am-4pm July 10 – August 29, … Read More

Traveling with art supplies

March 5, 2009Journeys 7 Comments

Waaay behind on posting these days. We flew away from snow and ice, and are now enjoying sunshine. I’ve packed a bunch of art supplies and am actually dragging them around in my shoulder bag every day. I saw guy at the hotel who had the coolest bag — when I asked he said it … Read More

Scouting East Village in DesMoines

December 31, 2008Journeys 1 Comment

First day of the trip, the big event was making a pineapple, peanut, marshmallow salad for bonobo chimpanzees at this place, but that’s a long story for another day. Second day was filled largely with exploring Des Moines historic East Village. Not that we were looking for it. My SIL got the family to meet … Read More

Iowa sunset

December 28, 2008Journeys 3 Comments

Lots of ice on the trees as we drove north yesterday. I got a little car sick in the back seat looking backwards to take this photo of the sun setting across icy fields.

What is humor?

December 13, 2008Inspiration, Journeys, Mixed Media, Other Artists 2 Comments

What is humor? I been thinking about this question since I was asked to juror the show for SAQA called “Sense of Humor” (see last post for more details.) I’m not going look in some dictionary and give you the definition, I don’t even know what a real definition is — I just have my … Read More

Public art conference – a day of workshops

October 2, 2008Journeys, Other Artists 7 Comments

Crand Rapids is hosting an ISC public art conference and Russ taught one a great one about three-dimensional computer-aided design for sculptors and artists. While he was teaching inside, a group of sculptors built kilns in the roped-off street outside for an iron-pour and sculpture casting. I tremble at the thought of walking around with … Read More

No, I haven’t taken up smoking…

July 7, 2008Journeys, Painting, Process, Sketchbooks 9 Comments

…but I’ve been collecting retro melamine ashtrays that make great brush/water holders for painting. And they come in great colors (I have bigger yellow and green ones at my studio.) This is a small one, which is good for travel, especially on a boat where your brushes might roll overboard. The watercolor pencils roll also, … Read More