Happy Landing in Seattle

October 14, 2007Journeys 3 Comments

After a happy landing in Seattle, (and it’s always happy thing to get off a plane early AND immediately see public art at the gateway –these little fish and leaves scattered across through the floors make herding runaway luggage almost fun) we found the hotel and then Wasabi Bistro in Seattle’s Belltown. There’s nothing like … Read More

Steven Holl’s Bloch Building

September 18, 2007Journeys, Other Artists 6 Comments

We’re just back from Kansas City and the new Bloch Building, the long-awaited addition to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Steven Holl is a genius! The addition was so much more wonderful than I expected. As this New York Times review reports, much of the enjoyment of the building comes from the changing light of … Read More

Taping for Quilting Arts TV

September 10, 2007Journeys, Other Artists, Press 18 Comments

Here I am, a little surprised to be standing by the effervescent Patricia Bolton (Pokey) of Quilting Arts Magazine fame for taping of a guest artist segment for the new Quilting Arts TV that will soon air on PBS. I say surprised because it was a scary trip, through a massive three-hour the-sky-must-be-falling rainstorm that … Read More

Upside Down

September 6, 2007Journeys, Press, Process 7 Comments

When I was a kid, I used to practice reading books upside down even though the other kids in my fourth-grade class thought I was weird and made fun of me. You see, I had read somewhere that to be a spy, you needed to be able to read well upside down so you could … Read More

Niki in the Garden

July 20, 2007Exhibitions, Inspiration, Journeys, Other Artists 20 Comments

Occasionally a show comes along that so exciting and full of life, color and joy that it’s difficult to fit it into a simple blog post. This is true of Niki in the Garden at Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory. Over 30 larger-than-life sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle are installed in the already wonderful greenhouses … Read More

Lurie Garden

July 18, 2007Journeys, Other Artists 6 Comments

In the middle of Millennium Park is the Lurie Garden. Wandering through the shoulder-tall flowers, I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite Talking Heads song called (Nothing but) Flowers. “This was a shopping mall, now it’s all covered with flowers…” Now that I re-read the lyrics, could be great topic for a … Read More

Millenium Park

July 15, 2007Journeys, Other Artists 4 Comments

It was worth the trip to Chicago just to experience Crown Fountain at Millenium Park. Designed by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, the 50-foot tall glass block towers are lit with the faces of city residents and reflected in a shallow pool of water below. At times the faces spout fountains of water out of their … Read More

Wood Street Gallery

July 10, 2007Journeys, Other Artists 2 Comments

While in Chicago, we had some time to visit our friends Mary and Charlie at the Wood Street Gallery. It’s a beautiful old house that once had three bars and a bowling alley in it, until Mary enlightened its interiors and garden with her unique artistic expression. The gallery is now open only for private … Read More

Let Us Speak of Love

May 30, 2007Exhibitions, Journeys, Other Artists 8 Comments

In the words of Prem Joshua, “Tonight, let us speak of love. I can think of no better subject until the day we die.” I’ve been writing a lot lately, and it struck me that artists don’t seem to talk about LOVE very much. Maybe love isn’t one of those good art-speak terms, unless it … Read More

Quilt National 07 opening

May 25, 2007Exhibitions, Journeys 10 Comments

When I made this quilt, I was so focused the story behind it that I didn’t realize what it might look like if you didn’t know the story or read the title. But all evening I got questions about what the crotch shot was about. It’s not about that, it was because I had poison ivy so bad that I just lay on the bed, trying to to let anything touch my legs, not even each other.