Nodding Heads

April 6, 2006Journeys No Comments

Okay, I’ve made it to Philadelphia after sitting on the runway in Cincinnati wedged between lots of strange people for far too long. Weather’s great so I don’t know what I’ll do with those five sweaters I packed. My sense of geography stinks, I guess I thought I was traveling to the far north. I … Read More

Madama Butterfly Premiere

March 20, 2006Journeys, Other Artists 1 Comment

We met Jun Kaneko in January (read my post here) and so have only recently become aware what an inspiring artist this man is, and yet so quiet and good-humored. His wife Ree started The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art and now manages Jun’s career; she’s a fountain of enthusiasm. Kaneko came to the United … Read More

How Romantic…

January 31, 2006Journeys 1 Comment

Being serenaded by mariachi’s. These guys were good. They sang a lot of songs I didn’t know mariachi’s would sing. What was the name of that Beatles song where every chorus ends, “and I love her…”? It was in Spanish, but I recognized the tune.

Down and Up the Mountain

January 30, 2006Journeys No Comments

I don’t want you to get the idea that everything is sleek and modern. This is our house on the left and the gay hotel on the right. They have balconies, but we get to climb on the roof to our own patio. You can just see the top of Jun Kaneko’s sculpture in the … Read More

Ultra-Cool Artist’s Residence

January 29, 2006Journeys No Comments

Russ and Jun Kaneko are discussing Hawaiian shirts. While Russ only has a few, Jun is rumored to have hundreds of them. Jun is a Japanese ceramic artist who is based in Omaha, Nebraska. This building was once an Alcoholics Anonymous house. It’s been bought by our friends as an investment. After some thought, they … Read More

Crazy Stuff I’ve Already Bought

January 28, 2006Journeys No Comments

Since we’ve been here several times, I’ve already bought the usual Mexican stuff. But I couldn’t resist this crazy cat mask made from a coconut shell. Take a look at this purse made out of folded candy wrappers. It’s got great handles and a lucious pink lining. But don’t look at these other candy wrapper … Read More

We’re in Mexico!

January 27, 2006Journeys No Comments

This is me doing my “Folded Umbrella” yoga pose. We’re staying at a friend’s house in the old historic part of Puerta Vallarta, and in the mornings I climb up a little spiral staircase to the rooftop and do my yoga watching the ocean, ships and birds sail by — it’s like being on top … Read More

Art Car Museum

November 23, 2005Journeys, uncategorized No Comments

When I saw this sign laying around Mark Bradford’s studio, it reminded me of all the metal valentines I’ve gotten from Russ. Luckily we live in the same house — can you imagine the postage?! Anyway, while Houston we did get to the Art Car Musem, not easy to find and less easy to park … Read More

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

November 19, 2005Journeys No Comments

While in Houston we made it over to the Center for Contemporary Craft which was having an exhibition of eight internationally known textile artists. I thought these big long pieces on linen by Ilize Aviks were okay, but when I got closer I was really impressed by how all the embroidery made the work. It … Read More

Four Seasons Bathroom

October 30, 2005Journeys No Comments

The whole Viking affair felt like being treated like royalty, but nothing says royalty like a really nice bathroom! The one at the Four Seasons Hotel where we were housed during the IQA festival was really posh — big, marbled and luxurious. Fancy little soaps, elegant fixtures, and even the toilet paper had little gold … Read More