Painting experiments at the ideaXfactory

July 20, 2013Mixed Media 1 Comment

This is a painting that I started from a page of doodles in my sketchbook. I traced the drawings into Inkpad on my iPad and the background shapes and colors. Now I’m in the process of transferring it onto a large 48″ x 36″ canvas.

A small painting studio is cozy

July 1, 2010Mixed Media, Painting 3 Comments

With one day left to finish my painting for the Open Doors invitational, I had to organize quickly. I wanted to work on my painting by natural light and in the a/c (my quilt studio is not air conditioned.) By smushing things a bit, there was room to set up small painting studio in my … Read More

Sketchbook Mania

March 20, 2009Drawings, Mixed Media, Sketchbooks 38 Comments

It’s kind of embarrassing how many half-filled sketchbooks of all shapes and sizes that I have laying around. As I’ve gotten more in the habit drawing, I tend to pick one up and carry it around in my purse for a while, then lose it in a stack of books. Then start another. Before now, I … Read More

Drawing people at dinner

March 10, 2009Drawings, Mixed Media, Sketchbooks 6 Comments

These are some drawings of people we traveled with or met on the trip. They’re character sketches, so don’t look exactly like the real people. At dinner people sort of sit in one place, but don’t pose. These are my composite impressions of people as they move and talk naturally. It’s a challenge to do … Read More

Clay and Hearts

February 17, 2009Mixed Media 14 Comments

Remember last year when I mentioned being struck down by ceramics by Lisa Naples? It was one of the those epiphany moments for me: Whoa — clay being used with texture, color, words, and images! >>>Update: Some how I missed linking to Lisa Naples main website here! Thanks Andy! <<< After that day I talked … Read More

What is humor?

December 13, 2008Inspiration, Journeys, Mixed Media, Other Artists 2 Comments

What is humor? I been thinking about this question since I was asked to juror the show for SAQA called “Sense of Humor” (see last post for more details.) I’m not going look in some dictionary and give you the definition, I don’t even know what a real definition is — I just have my … Read More

Collages for the Creamery

September 18, 2008Exhibitions, Mixed Media, Process, Quilts 13 Comments

When our studio flooded, a lot of framed art got ruined. Since the Creamery Arts Center has lots of odd spaces, I cleaned the old frames and designed some collages to fit into them for the show. Here’s the finished quilts in the show, but for fun I included some framed pages from my sketchbooks … Read More

Jason Pollen workshop at studio

September 15, 2008Mixed Media, Other Artists, Studio 11 Comments

The weekend of the ThreadLines opening reception, Jason Pollen led a two-day workshop called “J-o-i-n-i-n-g-F-o-r-c-e-s.” Each day he led a series of different drawing exercises on black and white double-sided paper. This was the most complex exercise, prefaced with discussions of astrology and self-control, a random drawing and a self-controlled analytical response. This was probably … Read More