Inspiration at Christine’s Studio

October 1, 2010Inspiration, Other Artists 7 Comments

Last weekend we helped out long-time friend Christine Kreamer-Schilling at her studio Mosaica during C-Street Steampunk Loftwalk. Christine has been a working artist for years, doing public art projects, teaching workshops for kids, collaborating with other artists, and making and selling her sculpture and art furniture. Since she works often with recycled materials, her studio … Read More

Photographing Nature

June 9, 2010Other Artists 4 Comments

These mornings I try to get up early enough to ride my bike in the neighborhood before work. I started doing it for exercise, and now I’m continuing because it allows me to travel, fast enough so I don’t have an anxiety attack about my to-do list that I’m not currently doing, but slow enough … Read More

Stop Making Sense

December 16, 2009Other Artists 5 Comments

Thank you David Byrne for reminding me of this. I don’t know if it’s too many committee meetings or the bah-humbugs, but lately I’d been feeling sort of sour on art. Then Friday we watched the 25th anniversary re-release of Stop Making Sense — a theatrical performance and concert movie conceived by Byrne and produced … Read More

Stitch Me a Story

November 10, 2009Exhibitions, Featured, Other Artists 4 Comments

Clever name for a show, huh? Wish I’d thought of it. I didn’t — Mary O’Shaughnessy did. You may remember Mary, I mentioned her and Charlie (both artists) in a blog post a couple of years ago when we visited their gallery/studio/workspace/sculpture garden in Chicago. Mary curated “Stitch Me a Story” for the Noyes Cultural … Read More

Candied Fabrics Video

November 3, 2009Other Artists, Videos No Comments

Candy and I have been corresponding via Twitter and blogs for a while, so I was happy to find her new YouTube channel. This free-motion stitch demo is from her blog showing her cool bedroom display of other botanical sketches. Also check out the abstract 3-D houses here.

Candy PaMdora on YouTube

September 27, 2009Featured, Other Artists, Videos 5 Comments

Two Japanese artists visited the studio during their Springfield trip to perform at the Japanese Fall Festival a couple of weeks ago. Candy Miyuki who has taken an old traditional Japanese art of candy sculpture to a new level. She performs at Disney’s Epcot Center, has been on the Rose O’Donnel show, and makes custom … Read More

3D Neonscapes by Russ RuBert

July 27, 2009Exhibitions, Other Artists, Sculpture 5 Comments

Don’t know why I like these two photos so much. Maybe it’s a little neon yin and yang? Maybe it’s because I just learned that the grill-shapes came from the eyes of Griff’s hamburger guy, who had eyes with hamburger grills in the middle. Russ has rescued a lot of vintage neon over the years, … Read More