The Banana Pose is in American Style!

January 13, 2009Other Artists, Press, Quilts

Hey, there’s my quilt on page 58 of the January-February issue of American Style magazine. Yay, AmStyle did a big big section on “studio quilts” and artists, and Martha Sielman executive director of SAQA mentioned my work in her interview. Thanks Martha! This quilt is called “Yoga 101: The Banana Split Pose,” one of my … Read More

What is humor?

December 13, 2008Inspiration, Journeys, Mixed Media, Other Artists

What is humor? I been thinking about this question since I was asked to juror the show for SAQA called “Sense of Humor” (see last post for more details.) I’m not going look in some dictionary and give you the definition, I don’t even know what a real definition is — I just have my … Read More

Public art conference – a day of workshops

October 2, 2008Journeys, Other Artists

Crand Rapids is hosting an ISC public art conference and Russ taught one a great one about three-dimensional computer-aided design for sculptors and artists. While he was teaching inside, a group of sculptors built kilns in the roped-off street outside for an iron-pour and sculpture casting. I tremble at the thought of walking around with … Read More

Cakes and more Cakes

September 22, 2008Drawings, Exhibitions, Inspiration, Other Artists

The other night I had a dream that I should draw some cakes. Not just a few, but a whole lot. Here’s all I got started with, then ran out of ideas, so I’ll have to look up some recipes. And I don’t know where that silly elf in the chef hat came from. Here’s … Read More

Jason Pollen workshop at studio

September 15, 2008Mixed Media, Other Artists, Studio

The weekend of the ThreadLines opening reception, Jason Pollen led a two-day workshop called “J-o-i-n-i-n-g-F-o-r-c-e-s.” Each day he led a series of different drawing exercises on black and white double-sided paper. This was the most complex exercise, prefaced with discussions of astrology and self-control, a random drawing and a self-controlled analytical response. This was probably … Read More

Mosiacs at Dallas International Terminal D

April 25, 2008Journeys, Other Artists

Never had much chance in Dallas to look at at art, but a three-hour layover gave me plenty of time to study a big collection of what they tell me is eight million dollars of public art installed at the International Terminal D. I especially enjoyed a series of mosaics in the floor. These are … Read More

What did I say at the Lux?

April 9, 2008Exhibitions, Other Artists, Quilts

Can’t remember really. Something about how I used to draw and do digital art, but missed the joy and funkiness of the handcrafted object, and so began to combine my drawing with making quilts. Also, how I was inspired by the mis-matched patterns of old-time patchwork quilts, and tried to preserve that kind of spontaneity … Read More

International Quilt Study Center and Museum

April 8, 2008Other Artists, Quilts, Sculpture

While in Lincoln, I was able to sneak over to the new International Quilt Center and Museum very early in the morning before the sun rose, because I had heard the new sculpture in front of the building was beautifully lit. The sculpture by Linda Fleming is called “Reverie” (daydream) is wonderful to walk around … Read More

Sticks and Mosses

January 31, 2008Other Artists

Ruth Asawa – tied wire sculpture from I’ve been studying the art and life of Ruth Asawa, a Japanese American artist who among many other things, crocheted and wove beautiful sculptures out of simple wire with her fingers. You can read my essay on her life and art that I wrote last night for … Read More