Sewn Glass

March 16, 2007Other Artists 4 Comments

If you’ve never heard of sewn glass, you’d better check out Susan Taylor Glasgow’s website. Her work is a wonderful combination of art, craft, color, form and humor. I especially enjoy the way she incorporates advertising text in her pieces — something I do also. I love putting text in my work. Sometimes I don’t … Read More

Paley at the St. Louis Zoo

May 28, 2006Other Artists No Comments

Thursday we went to the preview event for Albert Paley‘s new installation at the St. Louis Zoo. It’s made of COR-TEN steel, is three-stories high, weighs over 100 tons, and features over 60 animals. “Animals Always” is the largest public zoo sculpture in the world and the largest sculpture in St. Louis, other than the … Read More

Flying School by Diane Landry

May 2, 2006Other Artists No Comments

Around here we’re having a drought, even though all it did all weekend was rain. Everytime I used my new umbrella (with a handy rectractable button — got it on my last trip at Brookstone at the Cincinnati airport), I thought of the Flying School (Ãcole d’aviation) installation by artist Diane Landry. We saw this … Read More

Those Dang Dangos

March 22, 2006Drawings, Other Artists 1 Comment

Here’s a drawing I did today instead of getting my quilt ready for Visions as I should. I like getting accepted to shows, but hate having to actually ship the work. Back to the drawing though, it’s almost finished except I want to put Ree and Jun in a doorway looking into the room before … Read More

Madama Butterfly Premiere

March 20, 2006Journeys, Other Artists 1 Comment

We met Jun Kaneko in January (read my post here) and so have only recently become aware what an inspiring artist this man is, and yet so quiet and good-humored. His wife Ree started The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art and now manages Jun’s career; she’s a fountain of enthusiasm. Kaneko came to the United … Read More

What’s a Bobbin?

January 18, 2006Other Artists No Comments

Ha ha, Clyde, very funny! Uncommon Threads meet yesterday, and we are probably one of the few groups who has a male member! He must know what a bobbin is because he sews very well — check this out. Diana Callahan wowed us with a new series of charcoal images using a charcoal that is … Read More

This Takes the Cake!

November 16, 2005Other Artists No Comments

Okay, you have to admit this is unusual — how many people get a birthday cake with a photo of their own quilt on top? The Uncommon Threads women and one man met yesterday and knocked my socks off with this surprise. Of course, Arleta did mention that there might be a copyright issue since … Read More

Photos from the IQA Festival

November 3, 2005Other Artists No Comments

Someone asked, what was my favorite quilt in the International Quilt Festival (the superbowl of quilts) in Houston last week? It wasn’t hard for me to say – it’s this one called Katrina Blues by Susan Shie that I kept coming back to again and again. As she painted this quilt, her nanny adverture stories … Read More

Michael James Exhibition

October 25, 2005Other Artists No Comments

Taking the train to Providence to meet up again with Shane and Stacy was a beautiful ride on a rainy autumn afternoon. Stacy had to pick up art supplies for her students at the RISD bookstore, when she dropped a little bomb. “Oh we could drive up to Fuller Craft Museum to see the Michael … Read More