van Gogh at the Met

October 24, 2005Other Artists No Comments

On Sunday Russ and I met some family to see a special exhibition of drawings by van Gogh at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that are rarely exhibited because they are fragile and sensitive to light. I would have rather gone on a weekday, because it was almost impossible to study or even see the … Read More

European Quilters

October 3, 2005Other Artists No Comments

My friend Emmie sent me the link to this group of European art quilters. What is it about European art quilters? Do you think their work looks that different from American artists? I have this book of Euopean art quilts that I got when I was just getting interested in art quilting, and I swear … Read More

Uncommon Threads WOW

September 27, 2005Other Artists No Comments

Here’s a new quilt that Cathy Jeffery showed at our Uncommon Threads meeting last week. I love this quilt! I always love the scrappy ones. In October, it will be Uncommon Threads 2nd anniversary. We just finished our WOW exhibition at the Driskill Gallery based on a triptych challenge that the group started last year. … Read More

The Mad Hatter

September 24, 2005Other Artists No Comments

While in North Carolina, I tried to hook up with some art quilters. I did get a chance to visit Lyric Kinard’s studio and very much enjoyed seeing her quilts, studio and her great art books. However, I was chicken about taking photos – somehow it seemed intrusive. But check out her web site for … Read More

The Stick Man

September 20, 2005Other Artists 1 Comment

On Tuesday, we went to see the North Carolina Museum of Art and also get a bit of homework done for an on-line class I’m taking called Museums and Artists. The NCMA was getting ready to open a contemporary exhibition called Crosscurrents: Art, Craft and Design in North Carolina in cooperation with the Mint Museums. … Read More

Bruce Beasley Retrospective

August 12, 2005Other Artists No Comments

We also went to Oakland for an afternoon. Bruce Beasley is a sculptor friend who was having a 45 year retrospective of his work at the Oakland Museum of Art. Although the museum was closed on Tuesdays, Bruce got us privately to see the show an take some photos. There were over 60 sculptures in … Read More

Do You Collect Trash in Your Purse?

June 22, 2005Other Artists No Comments

Liz’s post about collecting things off the street reminded me of an artist that I find fascinating. Candy Jernigan who lived and died too young in New York in the 90’s collected all kinds of “evidence” of her life — food, trash, bottle labels, dead bugs… She arranged all this stuff in journals and collages … Read More

Paper Moon Link

March 28, 2005Other Artists No Comments

Here’s a link to The Paper Moon, the website of artist Ida Pearle. I love her graphic style and beautiful composition. Her work looks so spontaneous and expressive, and yet I read in her bio that these paper collages come together only after lots of drawing and sketching. Enjoy!

Angry Chicken Link

March 23, 2005Other Artists No Comments

I just found Amy Karol’s blog called Angry Chicken. I love her little quilts at her King Pod website. It looks like she uses vintage fabrics and they have such funny little things in them. They are totally different from anything else I’ve seen.