Working for Inspiration

August 7, 2007Drawings, Painting 6 Comments

Jane posted a great quote by Henri Matisse after one of my recent posts: “Don’t wait for inspiration, it comes while working.” I should have that tattooed on my forehead so I’d see it every morning when I look in the mirror. This is a mixed media collage on vintage columnar paper. I started this … Read More

A Small Painting

August 4, 2007Painting 9 Comments

Here’s the finished acrylic painting, and it’s small — only 8″ by 10″. For some reason right now I have the urge to make some small, intimate pieces. And the way I’m currently constructing my quilts, I can’t make something this small with detail. Maybe later I’ll play with painting on fabric, but for now … Read More

Lesson from a Writer

August 2, 2007Painting, Writing 6 Comments

Where have you been? you’re probably asking… I don’t know really, just bouncing off the ceiling like a silly thing. Seems lately I’ve either had the opportunity to meet creative people or just take a big bath in the wash of their creations. In the studio, it’s been hot hot HOT, so I have had … Read More