Creative Space and Time: Podcast with Ricë Freeman-Zachery

November 6, 2009Featured, Press 6 Comments

To write Creative Time and Space: Making Room for Making Art, Ricë Freeman-Zachery worked all last year getting a ton of information and tips out of twelve artists (including me). She also got great photos of artwork, drawings, quilts, sculptures, collages, sketchbooks, and studio space from everyone. For my contribution to the book, I think … Read More

Did I say that? (less is more)

June 11, 2009Exhibitions, Press, Writing 10 Comments

When I first got into some art shows and was asked for an artist statement, I often spent a lot of time at the word processor — refining and tweaking and trying to cram as many power-packed poetic words into the space allowed. Type…..check the word count…..retype……check the word count. Now after a year of … Read More

She’s in the Wall Street Journal

May 23, 2009Exhibitions, Press 9 Comments

Who? That woman I told you about, the one with a big nose and Eiffel-Tower hair. I first got wind of the article in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal from folks on the SAQA yahoo list. Those of us who aren’t at the conference and Quilt National opening last night are feeling left out and … Read More

The Banana Pose is in American Style!

January 13, 2009Other Artists, Press, Quilts 7 Comments

Hey, there’s my quilt on page 58 of the January-February issue of American Style magazine. Yay, AmStyle did a big big section on “studio quilts” and artists, and Martha Sielman executive director of SAQA mentioned my work in her interview. Thanks Martha! This quilt is called “Yoga 101: The Banana Split Pose,” one of my … Read More

A visit from Spike and Warren on their book interview tour

July 15, 2008Press, Studio No Comments

Over the weekend author Spike Gillespie and her boyfriend “Warren” the photographer visited our studio to do an interview and photos for Spike’s new book Quilting Art that will be published next year. It was kind of a whirlwind weekend tour of our life around here, starting with fabulous fireworks behind one of Russ’s sculptures … Read More

Studio Article in Cloth Paper Scissors

April 13, 2008Press, Studio 12 Comments

I can’t believe April is already half over, and I haven’t yet told you about this article. Last December Patricia Bolton asked me to submit some information about my studio for a special edition of the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors. Having a lot photos for this blog and just general shutter-bugitis, I sent some in … Read More

Distinctive Directions postcards

March 24, 2008Exhibitions, Press 5 Comments

Postcards are going out for our Distinctive Directions show that opens at the Lux Center for the Arts on April 4. The cards look sharp — lucky we have Deidre Adams in our group to design them! The DD show and Lisa Call‘s solo show at the Lux open one week after the grand opening … Read More

Six Pages in Quilting Arts Magazine!

December 2, 2007Press, Quilts 24 Comments

Wowee, the new Quilting Arts magazine is out, and I think it’s the best issue ever. The emphasis that QA has put on publishing articles about sketchbooks, concept and design development, and innovative techniques has made this the go-to magazine in the art quilt world. And as usual, the excellent photography makes the articles even … Read More

PaMdora’s in Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion

November 1, 2007Press, Quilts 20 Comments

Switching seasons… gosh Christmas comes quick after Halloween! Just got my issue of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion and there was PaMdora in her quilted, zippered vest. Actually MEHC asked me for some photos last spring when they started the Top Stitch profile to feature art quilters. Here’s the other artists who have been featured this … Read More

Traffic Jam

October 11, 2007Press, Process 18 Comments

Yay, I finally got this monkey off my back! I don’t know why was so hard, being it’s a simple concept and similar to this quilt that just went together like butter, and I consider to be one of my best quilts, technically speaking. (maybe that’s why it got into FiberArts International 2007). Maybe part … Read More