Quilt National ’13 at Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio

February 12, 2014Process, Quilts No Comments

A selection of quilts from Quilt National ’13 is showing at the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, from January 30 through April 13, 2014 — including my quilt, Seattle: Wish You Were Here. For her January 31 gallery talk at Riffe Gallery, the director of Quilt National Kathleen Dawson, asked participating artists about their process. Here … Read More

Retro Thread Rewind

August 20, 2012Process No Comments

A while back I wrote a post about collecting old wooden spools. Why does any collector collect? I don’t know the answer to that — I just know that because thread is now sold on plastic spools, they aren’t making any more wooden spools. So I save them and sometimes reuse them. Sometimes they inspire … Read More

Occupied with Octopi, part two

April 29, 2011Process, Quilts 19 Comments

Or perhaps I should have said, Preoccupied with Octopi. This is the second of two blog posts about making a big quilt featuring PaMdora and an octopus. The first one is Occupied by Octopi, part one. Part Two While I’m working on a drawing of my idea, I am also going through my collection of … Read More

Occupied with Octopi, part one

April 28, 2011Drawings, Process, Quilts 13 Comments

On a street corner outside a noisy concert, a friend pulled out her phone to make a call. I was shocked to see the front of her phone was shattered, yet she was still using it. When I asked, she started screaming at me. “It’s just so easy to use this one. I have a … Read More

Timid about Sketching in Public?

March 20, 2011Drawings, Process 8 Comments

Kerry wrote me, “my friends and I took a brief online course with Jane LaFazio…about sketching/watercoloring in public…we did just fine…most probably because there is safety in numbers…your recent sketches have all been in situations where you were known…do you feel more pressure when sketching around people who know you vs people who have no … Read More

Hands, Tentacles, and Monsters

September 6, 2010Process 4 Comments

Celebrating Labor Day by working with my hands today. Sometimes I wish I had extra hands, but these won’t really be much help. While up in Columbia, I was interested to watch a documentary on giant squid research with my mom, except for the fact that the scientists who had never seen one (because they … Read More

Old Irons, New Fires

August 13, 2010Process, Quilts 5 Comments

Had to get the antique irons out for this one. Some patterns that I draw are either so big, or the dimensions are such that the drawing is always slipping off my work table. So I found that these old irons are perfect for weighing down the edges — and they have nice handles to … Read More

Kimonos and Patchwork

June 5, 2010Process, Quilts 5 Comments

Kimonos have always fascinated me and influenced my work. Not as a piece of clothing, but as a form of expression. If you look at kimonos both in real life and art (such as Japanese wood block prints), they are often a combination of sophisticated and sometimes surprising choices of contrasting patterns and color. I’m … Read More

The Next Step

May 31, 2010Process, Quilts 3 Comments

Luckily I have a great technical support team. Russ is my main got-your-back guy. He coaxed the big printer into producing a pattern for my next quilt even though it was reluctant and wanted to only produce bits and pieces. Mochi handles the panting, drooling, and waiting very well. Meanwhile, I cleaned my studio. Previously … Read More