Empty Spools

June 27, 2005Process, Vintage Stuff 3 Comments

I was wondering why I was collecting all the old wooden spools that I find at auctions, and now I’ve found one good reason. They are great for winding on this hand-dyed thread I bought from Laura Wasilowski when she was in town. I always wondered what people did with all that thread she sells. … Read More

Hey, Where Did Everyone Go?

May 18, 2005Process No Comments

Honestly, last time I looked this room was full of people. I was only gone a day. Oh here you all are, hiding in the corner. Not afraid of needles are you? I’m just kidding again. I took off all my cutouts because I was ready to start quilting, and I’d rather do the background … Read More

Mannequin Construction Ahead

May 14, 2005Process No Comments

Yesterday I had a great time making little mannequins out of fabric. When I thought up a quilt design featuring lots of mannequins and a dress form, it was no accident. I’d been wanting to do something using them for a long time. Mannequins are so different if you think about it. They come in … Read More

Bra Shots

May 12, 2005Process No Comments

It has come to my attention that Stitchy McYarnPants has posted links to Melody’s and my blogs, so I need to get things up to snuff around here. If you don’t know Stitchy, check out her archives of the Museum of Kitschy Stitches (MOKS), they are hilarious. She does things with vintage magazines I only … Read More

Better in Fabric

May 10, 2005Process No Comments

These guys look a lot better in fabric. I like playing around with them when they’re fused together but not attached to the background because it’s like playing with paper dolls. Sometimes it seems a shame to sew them to the background because they look pretty good without any stitching. After looking at my original … Read More

Lack of Spontaneity?

April 9, 2005Process No Comments

Considering yesterday’s post, it occurred to me that some might think my way of working is too methodical and lacking in spontaneity…and they might be right. I refused to work this way for a long time because I thought the very same thing. I was interested in creating art quilts, attending an occasional workshop to … Read More

Build a Bridge

April 8, 2005Process No Comments

Last summer I read Twyla Tharp’s fantastic book called The Creative Habit, and among many great suggestions, she writes about one technique that has really helped me. She calls it “building a bridge” meaning building a bridge from one day of creative work to the next. She sites Hemingway as an example: He stopped writing … Read More

Juvenile Humor

April 3, 2005Process No Comments

I guess I’ve always had a weird sense of humor, but only recently have I thought of a way to describe it. I’m not sure when I first thought of putting humor into my quilts, but I do remember what a big impact one art show I entered had on my current work. When I … Read More

Help — I lost my head!

March 24, 2005Process No Comments

Just kidding! It’s really a work in progress. Here’s the pattern being taped together after tile printing. Using the pattern to trace shapes on Wonder Under, I then iron them to the fabric of choice. Next I cut out the objects and and fuse them to black fabric. Then cut around the shapes again to … Read More

Cell Cat on a Date

March 12, 2005Process No Comments

I finished this little quilt today. I know I said that I wasn’t going to make any more little quilts, but I already had a little Cell Cat left over from another quilt, so I thought, how long can it take to work it into something… Here’s the pattern. But as you can see, I … Read More