Tokyo Towers

February 22, 2010Journeys, Process 5 Comments

I know for my online Japan Journal, I should probably first show you the pretty photos of snow-covered ancient pine trees in Nikko, but I have to start with the funky stuff first – because it’s my nature, and also I have a project deadline approaching, lol. Always ready to have a project in pocket, … Read More

It’s all about energy

November 21, 2008Process, Quilts, Studio 14 Comments

Lately it seems that the word-making part of my brain has gone on early holiday. Or maybe it’s honing so many short tweets has hampered my ability to string together a paragraph. Oh well, less words, more room for photos? Not really true on the web, but here’s the photos: View of my studio as … Read More

Little swatches

October 22, 2008Process, Quilts 4 Comments

Usually I think that once the quilt top has been designed and cut out and pieced together, it’s all downhill. Not in a bad way, but a sort of you-did-the-work-and-climbed-the-hill-and-now-you’re-on-top-and-ready-to-sail-down-on-your-sled/bike/snowboard-squealing-weeee kind of downhill. Mostly it’s like that, mostly it’s easy, fun and satisfying. But there are usually a few places that require some tough choices, … Read More

How to be in two places at once

October 17, 2008Process, Quilts, Studio, Tech 5 Comments

The editor at the last book I submitted photos to complained that my photos were not good enough, so I’ve been working on my photography. Something cool I learned this week was how to use the auto-timer on the camera. So I can set up the camera on the tripod, then run around to get … Read More

Why Do they call them flakes?

October 14, 2008Process, Quilts 7 Comments

Awwk! Yesterday I went crazy cutting out snowflakes. It will take me forever to get a real snow-storm going, but thanks for all the support. I can always count on you all to make me laugh. Love the orange pompom and hot pink snowflake suggestions. Actually I have an idea for a snowflake quilt that … Read More

An early frost?

October 12, 2008Process, Quilts 8 Comments

Although it’s hard to think about when it’s 78 degrees outside, I’m going for the frosty look — so don’t know about using the spots of green color. Maybe everything should be blue? Still have dog eyeballs, camera and snowflakes to make. And a pompom.

Skating on Thin Ice

September 27, 2008Drawings, Process 14 Comments

So here’s the final drawing, ready to cut into fabric. I always feel so much better when I turn the corner on a project and feel it’s headed in the right direction. You can see how I was working towards this in my sketches in this previous post. An artistic project is a process, and … Read More

Collages for the Creamery

September 18, 2008Exhibitions, Mixed Media, Process, Quilts 13 Comments

When our studio flooded, a lot of framed art got ruined. Since the Creamery Arts Center has lots of odd spaces, I cleaned the old frames and designed some collages to fit into them for the show. Here’s the finished quilts in the show, but for fun I included some framed pages from my sketchbooks … Read More

Purple hamburger, striped fries

August 30, 2008Process, Quilts 2 Comments

Lisa asked if McDonalds serves french fries for breakfast — I don’t know, I just buy Egg McMuffins and coffee. I don’t think McDonalds serves purple hamburgers either, but I think they look nice. Actually striped french fries would be a good idea too. (this may not show up well in the photo, but they … Read More