Fabric scorecard

August 26, 2008Process, Quilts 9 Comments

Until now, I had been proud of myself — for getting fast at making decisions and not waffling. Until I hit this pink wall of doubt. Looking at last night’s photos and drawings, I thought the pink background was too pale, so went fabric hunting and bagged some purple. I don’t like to change background … Read More

Why I like drawing with pens

August 16, 2008Drawings, Process, Sketchbooks 9 Comments

Guess where I drew this? Yup, when I was getting my hair highlighted! Since much of the summer has been spent away from the studio, I have been working a lot in my sketchbooks. I can easily stick a sketchbook and a pen into my purse or backpack and am good to go. I like … Read More

Working on a series

July 26, 2008Drawings, Process, Quilts 7 Comments

Australian quilt top is done, but instead of quilting right away, I’m moving on to designing the next one. I’m trying to keep my momentum up to finish a series.  Some artists may think only of one piece at a time. But maybe because I’m married to a sculptor — I have in my mind … Read More

I Like to Draw Ears

July 16, 2008Drawings, Inspiration, Process, Quilts 11 Comments

Okay, I have to admit it — I like to draw ears. They are always weird if you look closely, and always different. Was it Monk or Sherlock Holmes who could recognize murder suspects by their distinctive ears alone? But I also have to admit — this ear doesn’t cut it. It will have to … Read More

Trying to Get to Blank

July 8, 2008Process, Quilts, Studio 8 Comments

Finally had to admit that to start a new series of work, I had to get rid of all the old stuff on the walls. So that meant taking down all the old PaMdora quilts that were pinned up on this wall for display for the last group tour. But it also meant putting away … Read More

No, I haven’t taken up smoking…

July 7, 2008Journeys, Painting, Process, Sketchbooks 9 Comments

…but I’ve been collecting retro melamine ashtrays that make great brush/water holders for painting. And they come in great colors (I have bigger yellow and green ones at my studio.) This is a small one, which is good for travel, especially on a boat where your brushes might roll overboard. The watercolor pencils roll also, … Read More

Open Space, New Projects and Fear

June 28, 2008Inspiration, Process, Studio 3 Comments

When I redid my office, I wanted a blank slate — with big project tables and open space to think up new projects. Then I saw a documentary about the architecture of a traditional Japanese house, and I understood what I had been striving for. There is no assigned function for rooms. The objects that … Read More