Monoprinting and Dye Painting

February 21, 2008Painting, Process 13 Comments

Maybe everything happens for a reason. That week that I laid in bed and read dye painting books really soaked in (my brain, not the bed). So I got out the dye powders I had ordered last year, and weird tools I don’t remember ordering, and started to fool around. This was done with a … Read More

The Design Ramblings of Pam RuBert

November 8, 2007Drawings, Painting, Process, Quilts 19 Comments

Haven’t done much creative work in the last couple of weeks other than draw my brain with my sewing machine. Then I drew/painted it with my new Caran D’ache watercolor crayons as recommended by Joanie (actually she recommended the crayons, not drawing my brain.) I was thinking of calling this “Radioactive Brain” or maybe “Thinking … Read More

Traffic Jam

October 11, 2007Press, Process 18 Comments

Yay, I finally got this monkey off my back! I don’t know why was so hard, being it’s a simple concept and similar to this quilt that just went together like butter, and I consider to be one of my best quilts, technically speaking. (maybe that’s why it got into FiberArts International 2007). Maybe part … Read More


October 10, 2007Process 18 Comments

If this were a happily-ever-after blog, I would only show you the good stuff. But that was never my intent. My intent was to write a creative-process blog. So this is a picture of the creative process gone wrong and frustration. The frustration is not the traffic jam of cars, but the gnarly mess below … Read More

The Quilted Line

October 1, 2007Process 16 Comments

Today I finished up the quilted sky, smoking camel on a billboard, hero sandwich, animal eyeballs, and the 90-minute binding. I’ve decided to call this The Food Pyramid: Another Mystery of the Not-So-Ancient World. The problem with my quilts I’ve recently realized, is they are big and hard to convey in photographs. Everyone says they … Read More

Thread Experiments

September 28, 2007Process 7 Comments

This project had to be mostly done by Thursday night because we left Friday for a big family wedding weekend. My initial thought was to quilt lines that would echo the shapes of the sand dunes in the background, but I knew this would be difficult to do well. But then I thought of the … Read More

Who’s that girl?

September 25, 2007Process 11 Comments

PaMdora, CleoPaMtra, or Nefertari? I’m having way to much fun with this quilt, considering I’m on deadline and have only be able to get into the studio a few hours each afternoon. The Egyptian head dress was hard to make, but still, too fun! Maybe it’s because I’ve always had a fascination for Egyptian art. … Read More

Food Pyramid Redux

September 23, 2007Process, Tech 12 Comments

Finally a pot I’ve had on the back burner all summer has started to boil. If you remember, I started another food-inspired project and then stalled out. I thought the problem was color and some of you tried to help me out with lots of comments, thank you very much, especially Del who sent me … Read More

Upside Down

September 6, 2007Journeys, Press, Process 7 Comments

When I was a kid, I used to practice reading books upside down even though the other kids in my fourth-grade class thought I was weird and made fun of me. You see, I had read somewhere that to be a spy, you needed to be able to read well upside down so you could … Read More