September 3, 2007Process 4 Comments

Speaking of toast, that reminds me of a story about my niece. Once when she was little, her mother was happily serving dinner to the family. Her mom raised a glass and said, “Lily was such a good girl today, I’d like to make a toast.” Lily excitedly jumped out of her chair, raised her … Read More

Art or Toast?

September 2, 2007Drawings, Process, Tech 9 Comments

Doesn’t it get you down sometimes — bills, phone calls, business, legal mumbo-jumbo, everyday get-under-your-skin, little pesky stuff? I’m about ready to punt the business of art, and just make some ART! or toast, whatever comes first. Can’t help myself, but everytime I finally get a drawing ready and it starts to come out of … Read More

Fear not Creativity

July 3, 2007Process 17 Comments

Christine commented on my last post, “I am currently avoiding creativity for fear of failure,” and I felt I had to respond. I believe creativity is like the old saying, One percent inspiration and Ninty-Nine percent perspiration. And I can say this with authority because I’ve been doing a lot of perspiring in the studio … Read More

Quilting a Big One, part 2

June 6, 2007Process, Studio 10 Comments

After I do a lot of my detail work on my small Bernina machine, I pin the quilt onto an Inspira frame and use a bigger Viking machine for the backgrounds. It’s not a long-arm. It’s only a couple of inches longer than my Bernina, but it’s a lot faster so when I go back … Read More

Quilting a Big One

June 5, 2007Process, Studio 11 Comments

It’s always exciting to take a design off the wall and start to quilt, and sometimes a relief. A relief after days (or sometimes months) of looking at, struggling with the composition, colors and patterns and finally committing. Usually I start in the center, or with PaMdora’s face, which is this case is both and … Read More

Different Kind of Drawing

April 14, 2007Drawings, Process 3 Comments

I’ve written before about drawing as a process as opposed to drawing as a product in this post about my infinite drawings, and here I sewed a 5′ x 11′ drawing together. There is another kind of drawing I do that is also process, but I can’t help but like the end result. When I’m … Read More

Still Life with Mr. Bubble

November 29, 2006Process No Comments

Yesterday Santa came early and left two elves in my studio. These elves are named Merrilee and Lettie, and luckily these elves know how to sew! They also know how to do micro-surgery on frayed fabric edges. They also know how to sew hanging sleeves on the back of quilts, and since five quilts for … Read More

Gallery Dollhouse

November 25, 2006Process 2 Comments

This summer my mom found my old dollhouse in my grandmother’s attic and brought it to me. I had forgotten I ever had this dollhouse until I saw it again, but then a flood of memories came back. She got it on sale for $10 at a department store in St. Louis to surprise me … Read More

Anyone having Crab Dip for Thanksgiving?

November 22, 2006Process No Comments

To help organize my work for the upcoming show, I’ve made a little paper 3-D model of the gallery with my quilts hanging in it. I call it my Gallery Dollhouse because it even has little paper furniture that I play with as I plan PaMdora’s quilt studio that will be on display in the … Read More

Late Date Men

November 16, 2006Drawings, Process, Studio No Comments

I got my hair done today. No, really I did get it cut (I have to every four weeks because it’s so short), but I don’t really put my hair up in curlers nowadays, although I have been known to do so a long, long time ago. This is actually part of one of the … Read More