A New Wardrobe

November 29, 2005Process No Comments

As much as I wish it weren’t true, I’m really crummy at making real clothes. However, I did make this tiny vintage wardrobe for PaMdora in just a couple of days (once again, ignore the red and white pins!) Last month we saw an exhibition by Andrea Zittel at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. She … Read More

Still Life with Lipstick

November 27, 2005Process No Comments

One of these days I’m going to make some little quilts that just feature objects. I love drawing and cutting out these little things. They look just dandy on their own, but actually they are for a big quilt. Here’s a section…ignore the little red pins, they are just holding the buttons until I sew … Read More

Updated My Website

November 13, 2005Process 2 Comments

I’ve finally updated my website, putting five new quilts on – well, actually four that I just finished these last two weeks, and the one from the Viking exhibition that according to the exhibition rules I couldn’t post until November. This little one with two kokeshi dolls, I started last summer but couldn’t bring myself … Read More

What’s a Girl to Do?

November 11, 2005Process No Comments

I’ve been trying to follow the advice of Twyla Tharp in The Creative Habit — to leave something undone for the next day, so when I return, I know exactly where to pick up working. Although I tried to finish up several quilts before leaving on my last trip, I didn’t. However, that turns out … Read More

Time for a Re-work

October 14, 2005Process No Comments

In my studio there’s a small bookcase where I keep my cd player, and this clock hangs above it. Today as I was changing a cd, I noticed the reflection of my design wall. Sometimes I take photos of my work in progress to make decisions. Some people use a reducing glass. Now I have … Read More

Rub a Dub Dub

October 11, 2005Process No Comments

Yay, started another quilt. Ever notice how PaMdora is kind of like a mood ring, she changes colors all the time? I’ve changed my schedule and trying to work in the studio every afternoon. I used to think I should only work when I felt fresh. But even after a bad and harried morning, I’m … Read More

Thanks Sonji!

October 8, 2005Process No Comments

I forgot to thank Sonji in yesterday’s post for her most excellent suggestion that my Fresh! quilt needed a plastic grocery bag. Also thanks to Russ for advising me on the shape of the contents.

Practice Poops

October 7, 2005Process No Comments

Oh heck, I look like crap. Guess I’ve been getting up too early these days to let the dog out before I go to yoga class. (Actually just saw this show on the Animal Planet that makes me think that I should do yoga with my dog rather than leaving her at home.) Just kidding, … Read More

Good Mail Day

September 24, 2005Process No Comments

Oh goody! Someone sent me a big box, and it’s very heavy. But what can be inside? Could it possibly be ….fabric? Ho ho – it is fabric! But who could have possibly known how much I like stripes and polka-dots? Just kidding, it was me of course. I drove from Cary to Carrboro to … Read More

Natural Dye Workshop

July 11, 2005Process No Comments

Over the weekend I took a two-day natural dye workshop. It’s kind of a local thing, the Springfield Fiber Artists get together every summer to do a dye workshop lead by one of the members, and Marty did a great job this year showing us what she learned at the Missouri Fiber Guild workshop. I … Read More