Knitting and Vintage Labels

February 9, 2010Blog, Projects, Vintage Stuff 9 Comments

What is it about snow that makes me want to knit?? Honestly, I don’t think about it for a year, then when the snow flakes start to fly, I’m digging around in the closet looking for some old project to resurrect. I guess I started this scarf one or two years ago. It’s a way … Read More

Help for high waters

January 8, 2009Projects, Vintage Stuff 12 Comments

It’s hard to take a photo of your own ankles. I finally did this one by sitting down on the floor. Do they still call them high-waters? These aren’t capris, just petites with an extra P which also means cold ankles in winter. December brought lots of painting deadlines, but also the realization that my … Read More

Fabric Portfolios Finished!

June 17, 2006Art, Projects, Quilts 4 Comments

Well, here it is after weeks of labor in the PaMdora sweatshop (I sweating have I been, over a hot iron without aircon in the studio). And golly, that stack must be at least 3.5 inches high! Actually it would have been more like 4.5, but I’ve already mailed two off. The rest I’m going … Read More

Fabric Portfolios 3

June 12, 2006Art, Projects, Quilts 16 Comments

Here’s the front of my new book. I’m glad so many of you told me to leave off the bindings, because that’s the direction I was already working. Actually, I’m not opposed to bindings, you’ll notice that I put funky stripey bindings on most of my big quilts. But you’re right, for such a small … Read More

Fabric Portfolios 2

June 11, 2006Art, Projects, Quilts 12 Comments

You guys are great! I knew when I got stuck, that I would get lots of suggestions if I posted my work-in-progress. And you all really came through. Thanks for all the great ideas. This weekend I changed my approach completely – dropping the binding and doing a pillow-case finish on the covers. It helped … Read More

Fabric Portfolios

June 8, 2006Art, Projects, Quilts 13 Comments

I’ve been making little books for two weeks. The covers are fabric but the insides are paper. I got started doing this because I was asked by a curator to send information about my quilts, and I’m worried about sending photographs to someone who’s never seen the real thing. I don’t think the photos tell … Read More