Still Sewing

July 16, 2010Quilting, Quilts

This project for an exhibition at the San Jose Quilts and Textile Museum is going slower than I anticipated — partially due to the size of the quilt, but more because of the complexity. There many small details in the landscape that have to be sewn separately, and I have to be careful about which … Read More

Cover for a Gratitude Journal

May 3, 2009Inspiration, Quilting

Here’s a quickie project that was fun to make. I had a small quilt that I liked, but never finished. So I cut my favorite part out  — the swoopy loop stitching — backed it with two pieces of fabric and zig-zagged around the edges. Inside it has a pencil pocket, ribbon page marker and … Read More

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Evacuate

August 7, 2008Process, Quilting, Studio

Well, I thought I was tough anyway, sweating it out all summer in my studio with no air conditioning. But truthfully, it has been a mild summer…..until last weekend. Finally it got so hot, and add to that no windows to vent all the heat of my overhead lights and an iron that is constantly … Read More