Changing the World, One Letter at a Time

August 22, 2018Quilts 2 Comments

I blame it on pancakes. It changed my world when I discovered at an early age that pancakes weren’t PaMcakes and named after me. At least that’s to what I attribute my fascination with changing ‘pan’ things to PaM things. I suppose there are lots of pan things. Pandemics, pancreas, pandemonium… But I really only … Read More

Curious Curium – An Alternative Quilt & Journal

July 19, 2014Exhibitions, Quilts No Comments

Last year I made a quilt using alternative materials for an exhibition called Radical Elements. Each artist in the show selected an element from the periodic table and was asked to create a quilt to the same size dimensions and without relying on traditional fabric and thread. We were also asked to make a journal incorporating work … Read More

Metamorphosis Show at the Creamery

February 27, 2014Exhibitions, Quilts 1 Comment

Suddenly I thought of what I could enter in this show. I made this small 12″ x 20″ quilt last summer for a Squidfoo show. It’s stretched on a gallery wrapped canvas and called “Giant Girl in the City.” Our SRAC Visual Arts committee thought up the theme for the show because the Creamery will … Read More

Quilt National ’13 at Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio

February 12, 2014Process, Quilts No Comments

A selection of quilts from Quilt National ’13 is showing at the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, from January 30 through April 13, 2014 — including my quilt, Seattle: Wish You Were Here. For her January 31 gallery talk at Riffe Gallery, the director of Quilt National Kathleen Dawson, asked participating artists about their process. Here … Read More

Making Shoes

January 30, 2014Quilts 2 Comments

I’ve been so busy during the days this week that I haven’t been able to work in my studio. So tonight I drew some shoes and brought them home to finish. After a yummy vegan Moroccan dinner with chick peas, tomatoes, spinach and couscous, I finished these shoes.  

The One That Didn’t – Niagra Falls

October 12, 2012Quilts 10 Comments

Someone on one of my list-serve emails groups called Quilt National the Holy Grail of the art quilt world. That’s pretty close to true, so it was super exciting to get the news on Monday that one of my quilts was juried into Quilt National 2013.

Kitchen Stitching Quilt

October 7, 2011Art, Quilts 5 Comments

I’ve often though about doing more abstract work or big simple shapes because I love to stitch with loopy patterns. It’s not that big, but here’s a simple shapes quilt that I delivered to a friend this week using this stitch in the background. The simple shapes came from quick pen drawings that I later … Read More

Occupied with Octopi, part two

April 29, 2011Process, Quilts 19 Comments

Or perhaps I should have said, Preoccupied with Octopi. This is the second of two blog posts about making a big quilt featuring PaMdora and an octopus. The first one is Occupied by Octopi, part one. Part Two While I’m working on a drawing of my idea, I am also going through my collection of … Read More

Occupied with Octopi, part one

April 28, 2011Drawings, Process, Quilts 13 Comments

On a street corner outside a noisy concert, a friend pulled out her phone to make a call. I was shocked to see the front of her phone was shattered, yet she was still using it. When I asked, she started screaming at me. “It’s just so easy to use this one. I have a … Read More

Fiberart International opening on April 30th

April 26, 2011Exhibitions, Quilts 4 Comments

Fiberart International 2010 opens at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY this Friday, and I’m sorry I won’t be there. Well, I will, sort of — by phone. Last month the Curator of Education for the gallery, Marlene Hamann-Whitmore sent a request to all the participating artists to call into a system that records … Read More