An early frost?

October 12, 2008Process, Quilts

Although it’s hard to think about when it’s 78 degrees outside, I’m going for the frosty look — so don’t know about using the spots of green color. Maybe everything should be blue? Still have dog eyeballs, camera and snowflakes to make. And a pompom.

Collages for the Creamery

September 18, 2008Exhibitions, Mixed Media, Process, Quilts

When our studio flooded, a lot of framed art got ruined. Since the Creamery Arts Center has lots of odd spaces, I cleaned the old frames and designed some collages to fit into them for the show. Here’s the finished quilts in the show, but for fun I included some framed pages from my sketchbooks … Read More

ThreadLines 2008 and other opening nights

September 12, 2008Exhibitions, Quilts

ThreadLines opening last week was a huge success. The gallery was packed all night long, and the show looks amazing thanks to MSU Art & Design Gallery director Robin Lowe and her staff and of course all the wonderful artists who made and shipped their work. Jason Pollen was there to judge the quilts in … Read More

Purple hamburger, striped fries

August 30, 2008Process, Quilts

Lisa asked if McDonalds serves french fries for breakfast — I don’t know, I just buy Egg McMuffins and coffee. I don’t think McDonalds serves purple hamburgers either, but I think they look nice. Actually striped french fries would be a good idea too. (this may not show up well in the photo, but they … Read More

Fabric scorecard

August 26, 2008Process, Quilts

Until now, I had been proud of myself — for getting fast at making decisions and not waffling. Until I hit this pink wall of doubt. Looking at last night’s photos and drawings, I thought the pink background was too pale, so went fabric hunting and bagged some purple. I don’t like to change background … Read More

Message in a Bottle, uhm, I mean Box

August 11, 2008Exhibitions, Quilts

One  of the reasons that I started making art quilts back in 2004 was that I thought I could make big colorful stuff, roll it up in a box, and easily ship it to faraway places. I realized this has come true when I was updating my exhibitions page and saw that this fall I’ll … Read More

Working on a series

July 26, 2008Drawings, Process, Quilts

Australian quilt top is done, but instead of quilting right away, I’m moving on to designing the next one. I’m trying to keep my momentum up to finish a series.  Some artists may think only of one piece at a time. But maybe because I’m married to a sculptor — I have in my mind … Read More

I Like to Draw Ears

July 16, 2008Drawings, Inspiration, Process, Quilts

Okay, I have to admit it — I like to draw ears. They are always weird if you look closely, and always different. Was it Monk or Sherlock Holmes who could recognize murder suspects by their distinctive ears alone? But I also have to admit — this ear doesn’t cut it. It will have to … Read More

Trying to Get to Blank

July 8, 2008Process, Quilts, Studio

Finally had to admit that to start a new series of work, I had to get rid of all the old stuff on the walls. So that meant taking down all the old PaMdora quilts that were pinned up on this wall for display for the last group tour. But it also meant putting away … Read More

What did I say at the Lux?

April 9, 2008Exhibitions, Other Artists, Quilts

Can’t remember really. Something about how I used to draw and do digital art, but missed the joy and funkiness of the handcrafted object, and so began to combine my drawing with making quilts. Also, how I was inspired by the mis-matched patterns of old-time patchwork quilts, and tried to preserve that kind of spontaneity … Read More