What did I say at the Lux?

April 9, 2008Exhibitions, Other Artists, Quilts 6 Comments

Can’t remember really. Something about how I used to draw and do digital art, but missed the joy and funkiness of the handcrafted object, and so began to combine my drawing with making quilts. Also, how I was inspired by the mis-matched patterns of old-time patchwork quilts, and tried to preserve that kind of spontaneity … Read More

Framing Work for a Group Show

January 27, 2008Quilts, Studio, Uncommon Threads 4 Comments

Getting ready for a group show I’m part of that will open this Friday at the Waverly House of Contemporary Craft, I’ve been trying some different ways of framing smaller pieces. The figurative pieces are sewn to stretched canvas and framed. This one is called “Cell Cat on a Date.”

Solo Show at Driskill Gallery

January 20, 2008Exhibitions, Quilts 14 Comments

Contemporary Art Quilts by Pam RuBert January 22 – February 13, 2008 Driskill Gallery Jester Learning and Performance Center Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, MO Gallery hours: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., M-F Gallery Director: Dianna Callahan 417-328-1651 Although it was short notice, I was happy to be asked to do this one since I hope … Read More

Hanging a Solo Gallery Show

January 18, 2008Exhibitions, Quilts 11 Comments

Last night as I was packing up quilts for my upcoming solo show at the Driskill Gallery, I was thinking one is easy to roll up and ship to a show, but sixteen is a lot to handle. Then I got to the gallery this morning, and I remembered why I started making art quilts … Read More

Illustration Friday: Stitch

January 17, 2008Drawings, Illustration Friday, Quilts 6 Comments

I drew this guy while watching 60 Minutes. It doesn’t work very well to draw people on tv who are in sit-coms, because they all seem to look alike, but news shows have more interesting faces. Thanks to Jane for getting me motivated to try turning a drawing into a stitched piece. How could I … Read More

Bemis Center Art Auction

December 6, 2007Journeys, Other Artists, Quilts 3 Comments

I’ve been doing some small experiments lately to more closely bridge my drawing and work with cloth. This is a shoe I sat next to at the Bemis Center art auction a few weeks ago, a great place to see and draw lots of characters. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, the Bemis Center is an artist-residency … Read More

Six Pages in Quilting Arts Magazine!

December 2, 2007Press, Quilts 24 Comments

Wowee, the new Quilting Arts magazine is out, and I think it’s the best issue ever. The emphasis that QA has put on publishing articles about sketchbooks, concept and design development, and innovative techniques has made this the go-to magazine in the art quilt world. And as usual, the excellent photography makes the articles even … Read More

The Design Ramblings of Pam RuBert

November 8, 2007Drawings, Painting, Process, Quilts 19 Comments

Haven’t done much creative work in the last couple of weeks other than draw my brain with my sewing machine. Then I drew/painted it with my new Caran D’ache watercolor crayons as recommended by Joanie (actually she recommended the crayons, not drawing my brain.) I was thinking of calling this “Radioactive Brain” or maybe “Thinking … Read More

PaMdora’s in Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion

November 1, 2007Press, Quilts 20 Comments

Switching seasons… gosh Christmas comes quick after Halloween! Just got my issue of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion and there was PaMdora in her quilted, zippered vest. Actually MEHC asked me for some photos last spring when they started the Top Stitch profile to feature art quilters. Here’s the other artists who have been featured this … Read More