Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

Well, that answers that question. I was wondering how I would like working this small, but didn’t really like it. This it called In Bed with a Bad Cold, and it’s only 14″ x 9″. I had all kinds of trouble figuring out how to finish the edges without a binding and kind of made a mess of it. I should have waited for Melody to tell me how, but I had to finish this tonight.

Sushi Zen WIP

sushi octopus
It’s been really frustrating all week. I have all these ideas, lots of work to finish, and the group show coming up–but I haven’t been able to get any significant time in the studio. For some reason, my phone has been ringing non-stop with business calls, whah whah whah!

Anyway, I really am about to wrap up the quilting on my Whine and Dine at Sushi Zen, and then I’ll just have to put a border and hanging sleeve on it. Here’s a few morsels, not the full image. I’ll post that on my website when I’m done.

Oops, just noticed I haven’t sewn on the octopus eyes yet. Oh well, just imagine them.

sushi sumo

I’ve been taking little snapshots of different areas of my big quilts, and it has convinced me that my friend Emmie is right. I should do some smaller quilts with just a couple of figures. Think I’ll do that with some of my yoga ideas, before I launch into a big one.