Lunch Table Set

October 30, 2010Randomness, Vintage Stuff 12 Comments

Auctions are a great place to get art supplies, and I especially like industrial auctions. It’s usually dirty, noisy, and sometimes too many smokers show up, but it’s a chance to poke around in factories and other places you wouldn’t ordinarily be allowed. It’s also a  social event, you often see some of the same … Read More

Fresh Flowers

May 13, 2010Photographs, Randomness 4 Comments

There’s a little flower shop called “Blossoms” right on the way to the studio. I stopped there for the first time the day of the mariachi party last Monday, to get some things for fresh flower bouquets for the bar, buffet and restrooms. Surprisingly I found big sewing machines in the back, behind the flowers, … Read More

Dog Cookies, Psychic Readings, and Snowmen

March 8, 2008Randomness 4 Comments

Either I’ve been reluctant to post lately because of a lack of images or because I’ve just been plain lazy (more likely). To make up here are a few tidbits from my neighborhood. There’s a new pet store in town, and they have dog cookies that look better than people cookies! This is also the … Read More