Lunch Table Set

Auctions are a great place to get art supplies, and I especially like industrial auctions. It’s usually dirty, noisy, and sometimes too many smokers show up, but it’s a chance to poke around in factories and other places you wouldn’t ordinarily be allowed. It’s also a  social event, you often see some of the same characters. Plus there’s usually donuts, hot dogs, and hot chocolate at the concession trailer.

This week’s auction I nicknamed the Mod Table auction. It was at a stretch limousine factory — which means metal, metal-working tools, sewing machines, bundles of leather, big bolts of vinyl and foam, velcro, spray adhesive, seat belts….. The company is moving all their operations to Ohio (without offering any of their local employees jobs which seems pretty crummy, I might add) and liquidating the entire factory.

Sometimes there’s a bonus at industrial auctions. If there happens to be some retro furniture, it usually sells a whole lot cheaper than it would at an antique auction, because industrial bidders aren’t interested in that sort of thing.

The contents of the lunch room in the factory were on the list to sell. I thought these chairs were sort of cool-looking — maybe from the 70’s? They are really strong, waterproof, and stack. I thought if they went cheap enough, they might be good for a party at the studio, or maybe I could donate them to the Creamery Arts Center because I thought they’d be good for kids’ art workshops.

The tables seemed sort of ugly and odd though. But the wooden tops would be great work surfaces or could be recycled.

Bidding started. The auctioneer offered them at $50 per table. No bites. $25 per table. Not a nibble. $10 per table. Nothing.

There was a lot of more important stuff to auction, so he decided to offer the whole set of 5 tables and 40 chairs for one price and move on.

But no bidders at $100, $50, or $25. So the whole Lunch Table Set sold for $5.

When it was time move everything to an already stuffed trailer and truck, there was a little surprise.

The tables we had bought were not the tables that we thought we had bought.

We had actually bought 12 tables, 40 chairs and a whole lot of wood for $5.

And guess what, the tables stack too!

Fresh Flowers

There’s a little flower shop called “Blossoms” right on the way to the studio. I stopped there for the first time the day of the mariachi party last Monday, to get some things for fresh flower bouquets for the bar, buffet and restrooms.

Surprisingly I found big sewing machines in the back, behind the flowers, and then realized that there is an upholstery shop in the same place, run by the same woman.

There are so many flowers blooming in our yard right now, but it’s nice to be able to stop at the flower shop and pick out a few things to add into arrangements.

Here’s a few other odd things sitting in the front lobby of the studio today. The little wooden man is a working maquette for the 23′ tall Kinetic Man by Russ, and I made the ceramic pots a long time ago.  It’s nice being surrounded by art, but there also something wonderful about fresh flowers.

Dog Cookies, Psychic Readings, and Snowmen


Either I’ve been reluctant to post lately because of a lack of images or because I’ve just been plain lazy (more likely). To make up here are a few tidbits from my neighborhood. There’s a new pet store in town, and they have dog cookies that look better than people cookies! This is also the place where Mochi got her new pink-polka-dot collar and leash, so that will probably be appearing in a drawing soon!

psychic_readings.jpg One of my favorite landmarks on the drive to our studio has closed, and I’m regretting that I never got up the courage to go inside, although I was sure it would make excellent material for some art. Don’t let the “open” sign fool you, there’s no one there anymore. As Russ says, you’d think they would have seen this coming?

I did however stop to take photos for future reference, and maybe if the building doesn’t sell soon and it gets warmer outside, I can do some drawings through the windows.


And best of all, we had a lovely snowfall this week — which was a nice reprieve from all the ice storms lately. We even got home early enough to build a snow man next to the sculpture in the front yard.


Mochi helped by biting off the carrot buttons. Now there’s a dog who loves her veggies!