Stone Creatures in Time and Space

December 9, 2011Other Artists, Sculpture

We were fortunate to have one of Russ’s friends from the ISC board come to Springfield as a consultant to aid in visioning as part of the search for a new director for the Springfield Art Museum. George has worked at great museums for over 40 years, but he’s also an artist and loves talking … Read More

What is PechaKucha and How do you say it?

September 15, 2011Sculpture, Studio

Over the years we’ve hosted many events at our studio, but this is the first one that most people I meet have trouble pronouncing. I started saying it just like it looks and am slowly working up to Peh-Chuk-Cha. The name PechaKucha comes from the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat.” PechaKucha Night … Read More

3D Neonscapes by Russ RuBert

July 27, 2009Exhibitions, Other Artists, Sculpture

Don’t know why I like these two photos so much. Maybe it’s a little neon yin and yang? Maybe it’s because I just learned that the grill-shapes came from the eyes of Griff’s hamburger guy, who had eyes with hamburger grills in the middle. Russ has rescued a lot of vintage neon over the years, … Read More

Visiting Calder and other inspirations

October 3, 2008Inspiration, Journeys, Sculpture

Yesterday we went to visit this sculpture by one of my very favorite artists Calder, the master of cool shapes. I read somewhere he said, “My fan mail is enormous. Everyone is under six.” Unfortunately we missed the big Obama rally that was held underneath the sculpture by just a few hours, because we were … Read More

International Quilt Study Center and Museum

April 8, 2008Other Artists, Quilts, Sculpture

While in Lincoln, I was able to sneak over to the new International Quilt Center and Museum very early in the morning before the sun rose, because I had heard the new sculpture in front of the building was beautifully lit. The sculpture by Linda Fleming is called “Reverie” (daydream) is wonderful to walk around … Read More

Olympic Sculpture Park

October 16, 2007Journeys, Other Artists, Sculpture

Sunday was a beautiful day in Seattle. The last sunny day, my friend Susan told me, for the next nine months, so a great day to tour the new Olympic Sculpture Park. It’s a zigzaggy park that switches back and forth, up and down over reclaimed brown fields surrounding the railroad that runs along Elliot … Read More

Art Teachers’ Association Tours the Studio

March 8, 2007Sculpture, Studio

Last week really did turn out to be a scrabble to get ready for a tour we agreed to months ago. The Missouri Art Educators Association had their state conference in Springfield, and one of the professional development tours was to visit Russ’s public art and studio . The only problem was Russ’s metal-working area … Read More